The OHS Pipe Organ Database

Entries in the OHS Database are limited to pipe organs, which means we do not include reed organs or electronic organs of any type. We do not accept information or photos of  digital electronic instruments that have supplemental pipes. Pipe organs that have a small number of digital stops or a new/replacement console by builders of digital instruments will be considered.

This is a dynamic database, one whose content is always changing. In effect this means that the database will never be completed, but will always be in a state of flux, reflecting the continuing changes that take place throughout the entire range of activities associated with pipe organs.

Insofar as it is possible within these parameters to do so, this database seeks to provide information about pipe organs of North America, specifically documenting  

  • All organs that exist or have existed in installations within the geographical boundaries of the United States, Canada, or Mexico.
  • All organs that have been built in North America, whether they are installed within its boundaries or in other locations.
  • All persons or firms that have been and continue to be responsible for building pipe organs or keeping them current through conservation measures or modifications.

In addition to the instruments originally catalogued as the "Extant Tracker List," this database has as its core the complete holdings of the OHS PC Database, which contained data on around 11,225 instruments and 7200 organ builders.Additions (new entries, photographs, stoplists) and/or updates can be submitted by any site visitor through online forms. However, it must be noted that any information submitted to the OHS Pipe Organ Database through such forms is subject to review and verification by the OHS Database Committee before it is accepted.

We are grateful to all site visitors for their contributions, and encourage all organ enthusiasts to join OHS in this endevor.

We reset the statistics each January, starting afresh in the new year. The table to the right lists site visitor contributions this year, the totals being correct as of Monday 6th of April 2020 06:47:21 AM EDT. You can check the Database History page to see online contributions for the last four years.

613 New Entries
8557 New photos
2037 New stoplists
1229 Updates to existing entries


That brings our total holding in these categories now to these levels.

65393 Pipe Organ entries
36160 Photographs
23319 Stoplists