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Worcester, New York, from the 1950s to at least 2018.

Additional Notes

  • From the OHS PC Database, derived from A Guide to North American Organbuilders, by David H. Fox (Richmond, Va.: Organ Historical Society, 1991). -

    Sidney Chase was active as a service technician in Worcester, Massachusetts,* from the 1950s doing business as Chase Organ Co. The firm was still active in 1989.
    [*"Worcester, Massachusetts” is an error for "Worcester, New York.” - Ed.]


    • The Diapason, May 1971, 18.
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    • The Tracker 33:2, 30.

  • From Organ Database Builders editor Charles Eberline, July 14, 2018. -

    Sidney Chase was listed as a "regular member” of the American Institute of Organbuilders in 2018; his address was at the Chase Organ Company in Worcester, New York. In 2016 he, "along with a handful of volunteers,” was engaged in relocating an organ from the United Methodist Church in Dorloo, New York, which had recently closed, to the United Methodist Church in Westford, New York.


    • American Institute of Organbuilders, accessed July 6, 2018, and
    • Patsy Nicosia, "Dorloo Organ Headed for Westford Home,” Cobleskill (New York) Times-Journal, June 15, 2016, accessed July 4, 2018,

Database Entries

There are 9 entries in the database that describe organs by Chase Organ Co. (Sidney Chase).

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