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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1917-1989?

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  • From the OHS PC Database, derived from A Guide to North American Organbuilders, by David H. Fox (Richmond, Va.: Organ Historical Society, 1991). —

    Succeeded Bernard Mudler firm; active in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by 1917; incorporated 1921; active in 1989.

    Staff: Ed Schurig; Frederick Schurig.


    • The Diapason, September 1921, 20.
    • Piano and Organ Purchaser's Guide, Purchaser's Guide to the Music Industries, (published by Music Trades, New York)
    • John Speller.

  • From the OHS Database Builders Listing Editor, August 30, 2016. -

    John Speller on Pipe-Chat, February 1, 2008:

    "Albert G. and John P. Hunter formed a company named A.G. & J.P. Hunter which traded in Philadelphia in the 1860's and 1870's. By 1880 this had morphed into J.P. Hunter & Sons. Bernard Mudler was also active as an organbuilder in Philadelphia from about 1870 onwards. The Mudler-Hunter firm was incorporated in 1921 and seems to have resulted from a merger of these two previous firms."
  • From the OHS Database Builders editor, August 30, 2016. -

    Joseph H. Schurig was the retired president of Mudler-Hunter Organ Co. He was the son of Fredrick Schurig who also worked for the firm, as did other members of the Schurig family.

    "Joe Schurig's father, Frederick, worked for Mudler-Hunter on Gordon Street in North Philadelphia and Joe started when he was 15. His two brothers, Edward and Frederick, who is now deceased, also worked there. They built organs for schools and churches in Philadelphia, importing pipes from Europe and meticulously crafting the console and woodwork. They also maintained the organs."


    • Obituary "Joseph H. Schurig" [Philadelphia Inquirer] posted Oct 1, 1991, Accessed Nov 3, 2015.

    Editor: Based on the above, the Schurig family seems to have taken over the Mudler-Hunter firm after the original owners died or left the firm for other reasons. The firm was still building organs as late as 1983, and was still in business at least as a service firm in Sept 2014. While most of their work was in the Philadelphia area, at least one instrument was installed in the District of Columbia area in the chapel at Walter Reed Hospital.

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