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Copenhagen; later Lynglby, Denmark, from 1909.

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    Th. Frobenius & Sons / Th. Frobenius & S√łnner Orgelbyggeri. Lynglby, Denmark.

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    Frobenius Orgelbyggeri "... founded in Copenhagen by Theodor Frobenius (1885-1972) in 1909. The firm moved to Lyngby in 1925. Theodor's sons Walther and Erik joined the company in 1944, at the same time that they began to build organs in the classical tradition, with mechanical actions and slider windchests."

    Theodor Frobenius was born in Weikersheim in Bavaria, Germany on 7 October 1885. He began an apprenticeship at age 13 with August Laukhuff. He spent four years at Laukhuff, then began travelling as a journeyman organbuilder. He met a Danish journeyman organbuilder, A.C. Zachariassen, and went with him to Denmark where his companion was to take over a company. He worked for Zachariassen for two years, then started his own company in 1909. He had married a Danish woman, and had two sons by her, prompting him to remain in Denmark to establish his firm.

    In 1967, his sons, Walter and Erik, joined the firm as directors, although the elder Frobenius continued to come in to the factory to do voicing until near the end of his life. Erik died in 2002 and Walter in 2007. Since neither of the sons had children, the family had created a corporation to take over the business after their passing. Senior executive Henning Jensen became the managing director.

    In 2010, the company purchased Carsten Lund Orgelbyggeri of Norway, but the company name was retained with most of the employees remaining. The combined firm builds organs under both names, but most of the production is in Denmark.*

    *The computer translation of this paragraph is poor, the editor made his best attempt at recreating the information in proper English, but the expression, "something may have been lost in translation" definitely applies here. -Ed.


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    • Wikipedia

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