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Firm name after reorganization in 1937.

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  • From the OHS Database Builders Listing editor, updated March 8, 2016 —

    Austin organs has been built under three company names: Clough & Warren, pipe organ division led by John T. Austin (1892–1898), Austin Organ Co. (1898–1937) and Austin Organs, Inc. (from 1937). Austin Organs Co., established by John T. and Basil G. Austin in 1899, prospered until the depression of 1929. By 1935, the officials of the company ceased organ production and began liquidating company assets, most of which were purchased by the newly established Austin Organs, Inc., run by John Austin-s nephews, Frederic B. and Basil F. Austin. In 1937 Austin Organs, Inc. officially became successors to Austin Organ Company. The new company relocated to a smaller facility behind the behemoth complex that had served as the Austin Organ Company factory for 38 years. Frederic B. Austin served as president and chairman from 1937 to 1973. He remained chairman of the board until he died in 1990. Basil F. was corporate secretary.

    The smaller successor company weathered the lean years of the depression, and made coat hangers and glider wings during World War II. With the lifting of war time restrictions, the company resumed production in 1945. The firm prospered during the boom years of the post war economy, but business slowed in the 1970s. The company continued building organs until production was stopped in 2005. although the firm remained in business doing service work. Production resumed under new management in 2006 when the company was sold to Richard Taylor and Michael Fazio.

    In 1973, his son Donald B. Austin became president of the company, and C.E.O. in 1990. He remained President until 1998, when his daughter Kimberlee J. Austin assumed that role, but he remained C.E.O. and Chairman of the Board until his death in 2004. His wife Marilyn succeeded him as Chairwoman of the Board. The company stopped production of new organs in 2005, but remained in business. Austin Organs, Inc. was purchased from the shareholders by Michael Fazio, and Richard G. Taylor (who was employed in the Austin office some 30 years prior). Taylor became CEO, and Michael Fazio was named President & Tonal Director. Marilyn Austin remains with the company as a consultant with the title of Chairwoman Emeritus.

    Staff (2015): Michael B. Fazio - President & Tonal Director; Richard G. Taylor - C.E.O.; Raymond P. Albright - Vice President & Engineering Director; Victor N. Hoyt - Vice President & Technical Director; Curtis E. Hawkes - Project Manager; Alan L.P. Rodi - Executive Assistant; David Secour - Design Engineer; Daniel Kingman - Associate Tonal Director; Bruce Coderre - Cabinetmaker


  1. From the Austin Organs Inc. website. Accessed Aug 2015

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