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BuilderID 7765

Builder Identification

Portland, Oregon from 1981.

Additional Notes

  • Note from Organ Database Builders editor Stephen Hall, March 3, 2018. -

    Originally established in 1981 as a service company, Marceau Pipe Organ Service became a full production organbuilder in 1985. The change in name was made later to reflect the change in the company's status.

    The company has used different forms of its name on nameplates, the nameplate should not be used to date the organ or to identify the legal name of the company at the time of production. The nameplate forms known to have been used by the database are:

    • Marceau Pipe Organ Service
    • Marceau & Associates
    • Marceau & Associates Pipe Organ Co., Inc.
    • Marceau & Associates Pipe Organ Builders
    • Marceau Pipe Organs, Inc.

Database Entries

There are 8 entries in the database that describe organs by Marceau Pipe Organs, Inc.

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