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The list below contains links to documents that have been added to the Pipe Organ Database in recent weeks, with the most recent user-contributions appearing first in the list.

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  1. Washington, District of Columbia. Joseph Gawler's Sons, Inc.. Organ by M. P. Möller, 1962.
  2. Leicester (formerly Moscow), New York. Presbyterian Church. Organ by Steer & Turner [J.W. Steer], 1876.
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  8. Key West, Florida. St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Organ by Guzowski & Steppe, 2013.
  9. New Oxford, Pennsylvania. Cross Keys Village. Organ by Raymond J. Brunner, 1983. (Originally built by George Jardine & Son, 1869)
  10. -----
  11. San Angelo, Texas. First Presbyterian Church. Organ by Dan Garland, 1991.
  12. Lubbock, Texas. First Christian Church. Organ by Casavant Frères Ltée., 1991.
  13. Sherborn, Massachusetts. Pilgrim United Church of Christ. Organ by Andover Organ Co., 1993. (Originally built by E. & G. G. Hook, 1864)
    • Program Recital program and specs for Hook Opus 338, 1963-08-28.
  14. Hillsboro, Ohio. St. Mary's Episcopal Church. Organ by Koehnken & Grimm, 1885.
  15. -----
  16. Nazareth, Pennsylvania. St. John's Lutheran Church. Organ by M. P. Möller, 1978. (Originally built by M. P. Möller, 1939)
  17. Gainesville, Florida. First United Methodist Church. Organ by Berghaus Organ Co., 2007. (Originally built by M. P. Möller, 1941)
  18. Englewood, Colorado. First Plymouth Congregational Church. Organ by Reuter Organ Co., 1959.
  19. Denver, Colorado. Capitol Hill Methodist Episcopal Church / Warren United Methodist Church. Organ by Estey Organ Co., 1910.
  20. Greenville, Pennsylvania. St. Clement Episcopal Church. Organ by A. B. Felgemaker Co., 1893.
  21. Schenectady, New York. First Presbyterian Church. Organ by Casavant Frères Ltée., 1953.
  22. Madison, Connecticut. First Congregational Church. Organ by M. P. Möller, 1929.
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  25. Ballston, New York. Christ Church, Episcopal. Organ by E. & G. G. Hook, 1851.
  26. Waco, Texas. Austin Avenue United Methodist Church. Organ by Casavant Frères, 1997. (Originally built by Casavant Frères Ltée., 1956)
  27. Rockland, Massachusetts. First Congregational Church. Organ by E. L. Holbrook, 0.
  28. Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Capitol Theatre. Organ by M. P. Möller, 1926.
  29. Dallas, Texas. Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church. Organ by Goulding & Wood, Inc., 2003.
  30. Waco, Texas. First Presbyterian Church. Organ by Range Organ Co., 1999. (Originally built by Henry Pilcher's Sons, 1924)
  31. New Ulm, Minnesota. Holy Trinity R.C. Cathedral. Organ by J. F. Nordlie Co., 2017.