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The list below contains links to documents that have been added to the Pipe Organ Database in recent weeks, with the most recent user-contributions appearing first in the list.

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  1. Richmond, Virginia. Monumental Church, Episcopal. Organ by Henry Bevington, & Sons, 1830.
  2. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Parish. Organ by W. W. Kimball Co., 1925.
  3. Waco, Texas. First Presbyterian Church. Organ by Alden Organ Services, 2018. (Originally built by Henry Pilcher's Sons, 1924)
  4. Mercer Island, Washington. Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Organ by Rudolf von Beckerath, 1970.
  5. Norman, Oklahoma. test institution 2018-12-18 to be edited. Organ by test builder 2018-12-18 to be edited, 2001.
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  11. Buffalo, New York. Buffalo Consistory, A.A. Scottish Rite / Canisius High School. Organ by Estey Organ Co., 1925.
  12. Norman, Oklahoma. test institution 2018-11-22 to be edited. Organ by test builder 2018-11-22 to be edited, 2001.
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  18. Bryan, Texas. First Baptist Church. Organ by Lyon & Healy, 1901.
  19. Hillsboro, Texas. First Presbyterian Church. Organ by Robert M. Turner, 1989.