The OHS Pipe Organ Database

Update an Existing Pipe Organ Entry

The OHS Pipe Organ Database is a user-supported resource made available to all constituents of the pipe organ community through the ongoing efforts of dedicated volunteers and the support of our sponsors. As a user-supported site, we are dependent on people like you, who visit the site, for all new information, documents, photographs, and stoplists that are added to the database daily.

We not only invite your participation in this process, we encourage it.

We do ask that you take the time to review some of our expectations the first time you choose to do so, and we hope you will refer to this page any time you have questions about the process.

Accessing the Online Organ Update Form

On this site each page of information on a specific pipe organ installation includes a link to our online update form, as well as links that will allow you to upload photographs, stoplists, and other documents. If you are looking at the page of information on an organ, you will find a button to click that will take you to that form, with the basic information about the organ already filled in. The form has recently been redesigned, and is now compatible with smart phones and tablets. If you are not actively viewing one of our pages on a specific organ, you may access the form from this page, provided you know the Organ ID number of the entry. Simply enter the number in the space below and click the Update button.