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Second Presbyterian Church
20th & Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Illinois

OHS Database ID 10421.

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Status and Condition

This instrument is known from a single historic document only; it is presumed to be no longer extant.
(The last update we received about this organ was on the transfer of data from the OHS PC Database, October 30, 2004.)

Technical Details

Three manuals. 49 stops. 56 ranks.


  • In 3rd bldg. Apparently rebuilt by Farrand & Votey in 1892. Church damaged by fire in 1900. Later contained a 1901 Hutchings-Votey Op. 535, which may have been rebuild of Farrand & Votey. (OHS PC Database. October 30, 2004)

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  • Elsworth, John Van Varick. The Johnson Organs. (Harrisville, New Hampshire: Boston Organ Club Chapter of the Organ Historical Society, 1984), 120 [0]

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Facade. Second Presbyterian, Chicago  Photo c.1885. Image courtesy Martin Walsh

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  • Typed stoplist from the Historic Organs table of the OHS PC Database
    Second Presbyterian Church, Chicago, Illinois
    GREAT (58 notes)
    16' Open Diapason
    16' Quintatoen
    8' Open Diapason
    8' Viola Da Gamba
    8' Spitz Floete
    8' Doppel Floete
    5'1/3' Quint
    4' Octave
    4' Flute Harmonique
    2-2/3' Twelfth
    2' Fifteenth
    III Mixture
    IV Scharf
    8' Trumpet (shown as 57 pipes, but almost certainly an error)
    4' Clarion
    SWELL (58 notes)
    16' Bourdon
    8' Open Diapason
    8' Salicional
    8' Dolcissimo
    8' Stopped Diapason
    8' Quintadena
    4' Octave
    4' Fugara
    4' Flauto Traverso
    2' Piccolo
    III Mixture
    16' Contra Fagotto
    8' Cornopean
    8' Oboe and Basson
    8' Vox Humana
    SOLO (58 notes)
    16' Still Gedackt
    8' Open Diapason
    8' Geigen Diapason (shown as 57 pipes, but almost certainly an error)
    8' Dulciana
    8' Melodia
    4' Violin
    4' Flute d'Amour
    2' Flautino
    8' Clarionet
    PEDAL (27 notes)
    32' Contra Bourdon
    16' Open Diapason
    16' Contrebasse
    16' Bourdon
    10-2/3' Quinte Floete
    8' Violoncello
    8' Floete
    4' Super Octave
    16' Trombone
    8' Tromba
    Swell to Great
    Swell to Solo
    Solo to Great
    Great Organ Separation
    (All the above work by pneumatic power, 
       controlled by small ivory pistons placed over the GreatL).
    Swell to Pedale
    Great to Pedale
    Solo to Pedale
    Blower Signal
    Pedale Check
    Pedal Movements:
    Great and Pedale Forte
    Great and Pedale Piano
    Swell Forte
    Swell Piano
    Solo Forte
    Solo Piano
    Great to Pedale (reversible)
    Balanced Swell Pedal
    Pneumatic motor applied independently to the Great manual, 
        the Pedale, and the first 4 accessory stops; 
        also to the Swell and Solo manuals by couplers.