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Egyptian Theatre
229 S. Broadway
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420

OHS Database ID 25741.

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Status and Condition

This organ has been rebuilt or substantially revised.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition February 6, 2019.

Technical Details

Wurlitzer EP chests .

Three manuals. 10 registers. 10 ranks. Manual compass is 61 notes. Pedal compass is 32 notes.

Combination action thumb pistons.


  • Identified through on-line information from James R. Stettner. -- Style H. (Database Manager. March 23, 2007)
  • Updated by Eric Schmiedeberg, who has heard or played the organ.

    This organ was the second Wurlitzer where Portland organist Glenn Shelley had a hand in its design. The presence of the rare (for Wurlitzer) Krumet rank is there--and another interesting digression from Wurlitzer practice for this size of organ--a Quintadena. The first "Shelley Special" Wurlitzer was the MacDonald Theatre 3/10 (single-rail console) in Eugene (opus 1003). This time the console is a double-rail 3-manual type.

    A note about the Quintadena in the Wurlitzer tonal scheme: This rank is crucial to the truly authentic Wurlitzer sound in instruments over 13 ranks or so. Many theatre organists and theatre organ builders avoid them. However, I have found that they impart a great "Hammond Jazz Organ" sound to the Tibia chorus in Wurlitzers I have played and add interesting color to Tibia Clausa/color reed registrations. Gus Farny and Tiny James used them a lot to good effect, I think. Farny was a demonstration organist for Wurlitzer and his records exhibit the sounds that set Wurlitzer apart from the competitors. The Egyptian Quintadena is quite nice.

    I have played the Egyptian Wurlitzer numerous times and did some major running down and fixing of dead circuits, murmurs and ciphers througout the organ. Luckily, the organ was built with brass-plug-adjustable magnets, so dead magnets were not an issue--unlike the bakelite "black cap" types.

    I also overhauled the Pedal contact rail with new blocks and wiring as the original had gotten water damaged. This was a "stop-gap" measure to get things going again in a reliable way until the old cable and new cable for the Pedal could be joined by a union board. Along this line, I also went through all of the relays, switches and keyboards with contact cleaner. Bingo! She started to wake up! For around ten years or more the organ had only been used for Christmas concerts, really.

    Tragically, the piano in the orchestra pit had suffered major water damage. It could not be saved. The player action itself was up high enough in the piano to avoid damage. That was salvaged.

    As is the case with a few of the "Shelley Specials", the Egyptian organ was built without some of the tuned percussions normally found on a Wurlitzer of its size. The Egyptian was installed without a xylophone and set of tuned sleigh bells. This is exactly like Shelley's first Wurlitzer example at the MacDonald in Eugene.

    The Egyptian organ definitely exhibits the qualities that frequently show up in Wurlitzers of its vintage. The Tibias are sweet and take trem nicely. Before 1927, Wurlitzer's Tibias got more hands-on attention by their voicers. (Stephen Hall. January 28, 2019)
  • Updated by Eric Schmiedeberg, who gave this as the source of the information: The Wurlitzer Theatre Organ Installations List--Judd Walton--1972.

    Technically speaking, this instrument would be best described as a Style H 3M Special, according to Wurlitzer's model line and terminology. Many times the organ descriptions in the shipping list are very general and not terribly helpful in "dialing in" just what would be going on with a given instrument design-wise. My model description is much more in keeping with what is really going on with this instrument. (Stephen Hall. January 28, 2019)
  • Updated by Eric Schmiedeberg, who gave this as the source of the information: I played and worked on this instrument many times..

    This is the second Wurlitzer that Portland-area organist Glenn Shelley had a hand in designing. Like the first one at the MacDonald Theatre in Eugene, Oregon, it contains the signature Krumet rank. That voice is rare in Wurlitzers below 26 ranks. It also contains a Quintadena, which is also unusual in a Wurlitzer of this size. These were usually found in Wurlitzers of 14 ranks or more. As far as I could tell, the Egyptian Quintadena was designed to provide color to the Tibia in that it provides the "Tibia Twelfth" sound to that rank. The Quintadena usually serves to add more color to Tibia/color reed combinations as well. It does here, too. However, its main role is with the Tibia in this instance, it seemed.

    Please refer to organ ID 57050 for a run-down of the known "Shelley Special" Wurlitzers. (Stephen Hall. February 6, 2019)

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Reproduction of Wurlitzer Ad in Theatre Showcase. Photograph by Eric Schmiedeberg 2006-06-14

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  • Original document from Eric Schmiedeberg.. Source: Stoplist taken from the console
    Coos Bay, OR
    Egyptian Theatre
    Organ by The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co.--Opus 1126--1925--Style H3M Special--As built
    PEDAL                                                   GREAT
    16' Tuba Profunda                                       16' Tuba Profunda
    16' Diaphone                                            16' Contra Viol TC
    16' Bourdon                                             16' Bourdon
     8' Harmonic Tuba                                        8' Harmonic Tuba
     8' Diaphonic Diapason                                   8' Diaphonic Diapason
     8' Tibia Clausa                                         8' Tibia Clausa
     8' Cello (Viol d' Orchestre & Viol Celeste)             8' Orchestral Oboe
     8' Quintadena                                           8' Krumet
     8' Flute                                                8' Violin
     4' Octave (Diapason)                                    8' Violin Celeste
    16' Piano                                                8' Quintadena
        Bass Drum                                            8' Concert Flute
        Kettle Drum (Bass Drum roll)                         8' Vox Humana
        Crash Cymbal                                         4' Harmonic Clarion
        Cymbal                                               4' Octave
                                                             4' Piccolo
                                                             4' Viol
                                                             4' Octave Celeste
    ACCOMPANIMENT                                            4' Flute
                                                         2-2/3' Twelfth (Flute)
    16' Contra Viol TC                                       2' Fifteenth (Violin)
    16' Vox Humana TC                                        2' Piccolo (Flute)
     8' Harmonic Tuba                                    1-3/5' Tierce (Flute)
     8' Diaphonic Diapason                                      Cathedral Chimes
     8' Tibia Clausa                                            Marimba
     8' Orchestral Oboe                                         Harp
     8' Krumet                                                  Glockenspiel
     8' Violin                                                  Bells (reiterating Glock.)
     8' Violin Celeste                                          Chrysoglott
     8' Quintadena
     8' Concert Flute
     8' Vox Humana
     4' Piccolo                                                  
     4' Viol                                                     SOLO                                                  
     4' Octave Celeste
     4' Flute                                                    16' Tuba Profunda
     4' Vox Humana                                               16' Bourdon
    2-2/3' Twelfth (Flute)                                        8' Harmonic Tuba
     2' Piccolo (Flute)                                           8' Diaphonic Diapason
    16' Piano                                                     8' Tibia Clausa
     8' Piano                                                     8' Orchestral Oboe
     4' Piano                                                     8' Krumet
        Mandolin ++                                               8' Violin
        Marimba (reiterating Harp)                                8' Quintadena
        Harp                                                      8' Flute
        Chrysoglott                                               4' Octave
        Snare Drum                                                4' Piccolo
        Tambourine                                                   Cathedral Chimes
        Castanets                                                    Marimba
        Chinese Block                                                Harp
        Tom Tom (single-stroke Snare Drum w/ muted snare)            Glockenspiel
        Sleigh Bells                                                 Bells
    BACK RAIL                                                        TOE STUDS
    ACCOMPANIMENT SECOND TOUCHES                                     Pedal Combos 1-3
    8' Harmonic Tuba                                                 Steamboat Whistle
    8' Diaphonic Diapason                                            Fire Gong (reit.)
    8' Tibia Clausa                                                  Horse's Hooves
       Cathedral Chimes
                                                                     KEY CHEEK BUTTONS
                                                                     Door Bell                                           
     16' Tuba Profunda                                               Bird                 
      8' Tibia Clausa                                                Auto Horn (klaxon type)               
      8' Krumet                                                      Siren          
    TREMULANTS                                                       SWELL PEDALS
    Main                                                             Main
    Solo                                                             Solo
    Vox Humana                                                       General*
    Tuba                                                             Crescendo**
    1st Touch--Snare Drum Roll/2nd Touch--Bass Drum & Tap Cymbal
    1st Touch--Sfortzando--All ranks/2nd Touch--Adds all tuned percussions
    --Affects Great and Pedal--
    SWELL COUPLERS                              COMBINATION ACTION
    Main                                        Pedal--Toe studs 1-3
    Solo                                        Acc.--PP/P/MF/F/FF & 1-5
    General                                     Great--P/MF/F/FF/FFF & 1-5                                                               
    5 Horsepower Spencer Turbine Co. Unit--Located next to Solo Chamber
    *Fitted with "Piano emphasis" trigger contact.  When swell pedal is depressed far  
     enough, the trigger activates a second set of magnets in the Piano causing the
     hammers to strike the strings harder.
     A Piano sustain stud switch is also on the General Swell
    **Crescendo affects Great and Pedal
    MAIN CHAMBER--HOUSE-LEFT--All manual chest ranks on 10"/Shutters, Relays, Switches--12" 
    16' Flute--97 pipes
     8' Violin Celeste--73 pipes
     8' Violin--85 pipes
    16' Diaphonic Diapason--85 pipes
     8' Krumet--61 pipes
        Chrysoglott--49 notes--12" wind
        Relays Unit and 2 Switch Stacks
    SOLO CHAMBER--HOUSE-RIGHT--All manual chest ranks on 10"/Shutters & Percussions--12"
                               Vox Humana on 6"/Tuba on 15"/Effects--12"
     8' Vox Humana--61 pipes
     8' Orchestral Oboe--61 pipes
     8' Tibia Clausa--73 pipes
     8' Quintadena--61 pipes
    16' Harmonic Tuba--85 pipes
        Marimba/Harp--49 notes
        Glockenspiel/Bells--30 notes
        Cathedral Chimes--25 notes
        All non-tonal percussions
        All sound effects
    Upright Piano--Wind pressure unknown--Probably 12" to 15"
    ++Mandolin effect affects notes 25-88.  Derived through strips w/ metal tips being laid
      on the Piano strings.
  • Click Here Original document from Eric Schmiedeberg.. Source: Stoplist taken from the console Plain text; will open in a new window or tab.