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SS. Peter and Paul R.C. Cathedral Basilica
18th St. & Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

OHS Database ID 26269.

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Status and Condition

The organ has been renovated and is no longer in its original state.
The organ is playable, but not in usable condition.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition April 14, 2016.

Technical Details

Electro-pneumatic (EP) ventil chests.

Four manuals. 8 divisions. 68 stops. 90 registers. 82 ranks. 4770 pipes. Manual compass is 61 notes. Pedal compass is 32 notes.

The organ is in a gallery-level case at the rear of the room. Traditional style console with roll top. The console is in a fixed position, center.

Stop keys on angled jambs. Balanced swell shoes/pedals, standard AGO placement. Combination Action: 'Hold and Set' pneumatic/mechanical system. AGO Standard (concave radiating) pedalboard. Crescendo Pedal. Reversible full organ/tutti thumb piston. Reversible full organ/tutti toe stud. Combination action thumb pistons. Combination action toe studs. Coupler reversible thumb pistons. Coupler reversible toe studs.


  • (Database Manager. June 10, 2011)
  • Updated through online information from Philip J. Fillion.
    The organ is in a deplorable condition due to minimal maintenance, and some unfortunate work. Presently the entire Gallery Swell division is unplayable, since at an unknown time the wind trunk to its windchest was cut to stop ciphers.

    This wind trunk also fed the C# side of the Pedal Principal 16 and all Pedal stops from 8' up (added by Brantley Duddy on new chests next to the old case); thus they no longer play. A variety of action problems have caused a number of dead notes, and the combination action is no longer reliable, failing to both add and cancel stops in every division at various times.

    The shutters to the Chancel Swell no longer function, nor do any stops in the Antiphonal. The electronic 32s continue to operate with some regularity. The Serpent 16' has been returned to its original home in St. Paul's Church, Chestnut Hill. (Database Manager. April 14, 2016)
  • The console is from Austin Op. 1010 (1922), Eastman Theatre, Rochester, New York. (Jeff Scofield. May 27, 2019)

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Console. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 1984-06-06
Console. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 1984-06-06

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  • Stoplist prepared from console by Paul Marchesano PDF document; -- will open in a new window or tab.
  • List only of functioning stops, as of April 2016
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Cathedral Basilica of Ss. Peter and Paul
    Brantley Duddy, 1977
    Additions, 1988-89, C. W. Gibson, Moorestown, NJ
    Great (unenclosed)
    16 Montre (in facade, bass mostly silent)
    8 Principal (bass mostly silent)
    8 Montre
    4 Octave
    2 2/3' Quint
    2 Super Octave
    IV Fourniture
    8 Trumpet (militaire-type, from TC, bass removed)
    16, UO, 4
    Gallery Swell (enclosed, but shades do not function)
    4 Octave
    2 Principal
    III Carillon
    (these three functioning stops are on a separate chest from the main Swell chest, 
    to which the wind line has been cut)
    16, UO, 4
    Chancel Swell (enclosed, but shades do not function)
    8 Rohrflöte
    8 Viol
    8 Viol Celeste
    4 Octave
    4 Flute Traversiere
    8 Trompette
    8 Vox Humana
    16, UO, 4
    Choir (enclosed)
    16 Quintaten (bass mostly silent)
    8 Geigen
    8 Holz Gedackt
    8 Dulciana
    8 Unda Maris
    4 Prestant
    4 Flute Ouverte
    2 Blockflöte
    1 1/3 Larigot
    8 Clarinet
    4 Rohr Schalmei
    16, UO, 4
    Solo (enclosed)
    8 Solo Flute
    8 Cello
    4 Doppel Flute (replaced with an open flute of unknown origin)
    IV Tierce Mixture 
    16 Ophicleide
    8 Trompette Harmonique
    4 Clarion Harmonique
    (these last three are the old Austin Tuba unit, playing on lower wind than their original 15")
    8 Trompette en Chamade (unenclosed, 15")
    16, UO, 4
    Positiv (unenclosed, floating)
    8 Nason Flute
    4 Koppelflöte
    2 2/3 Nasat
    2 Lieblich Principal
    1 3/5 Terz
    1 Gemshorn
    III Zimbel
    32 Contre Basse (electronic)
    32 Contra Bourdon (electronic)
    32 Harmonics of 32, IV 
    16 Contrebasse
    16 Montre (Gt, bass mostly silent)
    16 Bourdon (a few notes play)
    8 Montre (Gt)
    32 Bombarde (electronic)
    32 Fagotto (electronic)
    16 Ophicleide (Solo)
    8 Trompette Harmonique (Solo)
    4 Clarion (Solo)
    Usual Austin couplers, including Choir to Pedal 5 1/3' and Pedal to Solo. 
    These are the stops which presently function; the remainder cannot play without major repairs.
    A complete stoplist can be found as a PDF from Paul Marchesano, in the description section of this page.
     [Received from Philip Fillion 2016-04-04.]
  • Click Here List only of functioning stops, as of April 2016 Plain text; will open in a new window or tab.