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Onteora Club, Chapel / All Souls Church
Tannersville, New York

OHS Database ID 27423.

Status and Condition

The organ has been destroyed and is no longer extant.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition February 2, 2013.

Technical Details

Two manuals.


  • Identified by James R. Stettner through information from the Estey Opus List, published in The Boston Organ Club newsletter, 1973-1979. (Database Manager. August 23, 2007)
  • Updated through online information from Edwin H. Myers Jr. -- I believe this to be the church known as All Souls church in Onteora Park - Tannersville, NY. My firm - Rosenberry & Myers Organbuilders - visited in 2011. Much of the Estey is gone. The Great windchest remains and has electronic organ speakers on it. The old Swell is now a closet. Some Pedal pipes still exist on an offset chest and a several other wood basses are piled in the chamber. Part of the console still remains but no pedalboard. The church was also visited back in 1988 and the organ was still intact but not playable at the time. (Database Manager. February 2, 2013)

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Remains of Console. Photograph by Edwin H. Myers, Jr. 2011-08-26
Pipe Facade. Photograph by Edwin H. Myers, Jr. 2011-08-26

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  • stoplist copied from the console in 2011

  • Tannersville, New York
    All Souls Church
    Estey Organ Company
    No Date on the builders plate, says "Estey Organ Company Brattleboro VT Builders"
    Stoplist copied from what remained of the console in 2011.
    Console has Estey's patented stop controls, a small keyboard above the top manual.
    8 Open Diapason
    8 Melodia
    8 Dulciana
    Swell to Great
    Swell To Great 4
    8' Salicional
    8' Stopped Diapason
    4' Flute Harmonic
    16 Bourdon
    Great To Pedal
    Swell To Pedal
     [Received from Edwin H Myers Jr 2013-02-01.]
  • stoplist copied from the console in 2011 Plain text; will open in a new window or tab.