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Trinity United Methodist
609 Taylor St.
Port Townsend, Washington 98368

OHS Database ID 36443.

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Status and Condition

Renovation, restoration, or revision is in progress.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition December 21, 2013.

Technical Details

Electro-pneumatic (EP) unit chests.

Two manuals. 3 divisions. Manual compass is 61 notes. Pedal compass is 32 notes.

The organ is in a gallery at the rear of the room and some pipes are exposed. Traditional style console with roll top. The console is movable.

Stop keys above top manual. No enclosed divisions. No combination action. AGO Standard (concave radiating) pedalboard.


  • Identified through on-line information from James R. Stettner. -- The organ is still in its formative stages. The church acquired a used 2/9 Bernard Mudler and refurbished and installed that. They were considering augmenting the Mudler, but decided to make a second, separate organ. It will be in the style of a Silbermann, tonally, and is being nick-named "Son of Silbermann." The project is being headed by parishioners Stan Goddard and Harry Takata, with guidance by Clinton B. Meadway of Monroe, WA. The console was acquired from St. Aidan's on Camano Island, and is from the 1936 Kimball (Op. 7169) originally built for the Scottish Rite Temple in Seattle. Pipes and chests are from various sources around the country. The console will be on the main floor with the pipes in the right side gallery. (Database Manager. August 5, 2008)
  • Updated through online information from James R. Stettner. -- The organ was celebrated in its more completed form on October 24, 2013 in a recital of music by Bach and Buxtehude. The guest recitalist was Woody Bernas. (Database Manager. December 21, 2013)

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Facade. Photograph by Michael Way 2010-10-07
Facade. Photograph by Michael Way 2010-10-07
Console. Photograph by James R. Stettner 2013-10-23
Console. Photograph by James R. Stettner 2013-10-23
Console. (after solid state conversion) Photograph by James R. Stettner 2016-02-11

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  • Stoplist copied from the console October 7, 2010; verfied and updated October 15, 2015
    Port Townsend, Washington
    Trinity United Methodist Church
    Stan Goddard/Harry Takata, 2006 - 2015, Original Specifications
    HAUPTWERK                                    COUPLERS
       8     Principal                  61          Hinterwerk to Pedal             [8]
       8     Schwebung            (tc)  49          Hauptwerk to Pedal              [8]
       8     Rohr Fleute                61
       8     Qvintadena                 61          Hinterwerk to Hauptwerk         [8]
       4     Octava                     61          Hinterwerk Sub to Hauptwerk    [16]
       4     Spiz Fleute                61
       2-2/3 Qvinta                     61
       2     Octava                     61       FINGER PISTONS (non-functioning)
       IV    Mixtur                    244          Swell & Pedal              C, 1 - 4
       III   Kornett                   183            Sw. to Ped.                 (rev) 
       8     Trompet                    61          Great & Pedal              C, 1 - 4
             blank                                    Gt. to Ped.                 (rev)
    HINTERWERK                                   PEDAL MOVEMENTS
       8     Gedacktes                  61          Fuss Stütze
       4     Rohr Fleute                61          Rollschweller                (bal.)
       2-2/3 Nasat                      61
       2     Octava                     61
       1-3/5 Tertia               (tc)  49       TRANSPOSER
       1-1/3 Qvinta                     61          -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
       1     Suffleute                  61
       III   Zymbeln                   183
       8     Krummhorn                  61 
       8     Regal                      61
       4     Rohr Schalmei              61
                                                 ACTION: E-P unit 
    PEDAL                                        VOICES: 25
       16    Subbass                    32 *
       8     Octaven Bass               32 +     STOPS: 28
       8     Fleute Bass                12 *
       4     Octave Bass                12 +     RANKS: 32
       16    Posaunen Bass              32 #
       8     Posaunen                   12 #     PIPES: 1,877
    This organ was assembled by parishioners Stan Goddard and Harry Takata under the
    guidance of Clinton B. Meadway of Monroe, Washington.  Mr. Goddard and Mr. Takata
    had previously acquired and reassembled a ca. 1902 Bernard Mudler from New Jersey,
    but it wasn't the sound Mr. Goddard was looking for.  So they decided to add a
    second pipe organ to the church.
    The windchests are all electro-pneumatic unit and used by Moller, Balcom and Vaughan,
    and Tellers. The pipework is also entirely recycled from such sources as Estey, Erben,
    Kimball, Moller, Wicks, Tellers, Laukhuff, and undocumented sources.
    The stoplist is a nearly identical copy of the 1731 Silbermann organ at Reinhardtsgrimma,
    Germany with a few additions.  As such, and because Mr. Goddard is seeking to pay hommage
    to this style of organ, the organ is nicknamed “Son of Silbermann.”
    The manuals are entirely straight, but the Pedal is comprised of three ranks each playing
    at two pitches. The 16' Subbass / 8' Fleute Bass are from the 1907 Estey originally built
    for First M.E. Church in Winfield, KS. The 8' Octaven Bass / 4' Octave Bass is of open
    wood by Kimball, and was originally in the Pedal division of the 1911 Kimball at White
    Temple First Baptist in Walla Walla, WA. - later acquired and installed in a private lodge
    in nearby Port Ludlow. The 16' Posaunen Bass / 8' Posaunen is by Moller from their R-874.
    Sources: Photo & document album by Stan Goddard; extant organ; James R. Stettner
     [Received from James R. Stettner 2015-10-22.]