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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Mormon Tabernacle
Salt Lake City, Utah

OHS Database ID 36673.

Status and Condition

This organ has been rebuilt or substantially revised.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition September 24, 2008.

Technical Details

Slider chests. Mechanical action with pneumatic assist [Barker levers or some similar device].

Four manuals. 5 divisions. Manual compass is 56 notes. Pedal compass is 30 notes.

The organ is in a case at the front of the room.


  • Rebuid and enlargement of existing organ by Ridges. Work started by Ridges in 1869 and left unfinished in 1874. Enlargement completed by Neils Johnson, a former employee of Ridges, 1883-1885. (James Cook. September 24, 2008)

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Organ Case, Choir Loft, and Console. Vintage Postcard, courtesy of T. Bradford Willis, DDS (1900)

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  • Typed stoplist from Paul Slaughter
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Tabernacle Organs
    1869-1874 - Joseph Ridges (left unfinished)
    1883-1885 - work completed by Niels Johnson
    Mechanical Action
    Great (56 notes)
    16' Open Diapason
    8'  Open Diapason
    8'  Viol D Gamber
    8'  Hohl Flute
    8'  Stpt. Diapason
    8'  Flute a Cheminee
    4'  Octave
    4'  Harmonic Flute
    2 2/3' Twelfth
    2'  Fifteenth
        Mixture IV
    8'  Trumpet
    Swell (56 notes)
    16' Bourdon
    8'  Open Diapason
    8'  Salicional
    8'  Claribella
    8'  Stpt. Diapason
    4'  Octave
    4'  Flauto Traverso
    2'  Flutino
        Dolce Cornet II
    8'  Cornopean
    8'  Oboe & Bassoon
    8'  Vox Humana
    Choir (56 notes)
    8'  Bell Gamba
    8'  Gemshorn
    8'  Dulciana
    8'  Melodia
    8'  Lieblich Gedact
    4'  Fugara
    2'  Piccolo
    8'  Clarionet
    8'  Fagotto
    Solo (56 notes)
    8'  Stentorphone
    8'  Keraulophon
    8'  Stpt. Diapason
    4'  Harmonic Flute
    2'  Piccolo
    8'  Tuba Mirabilis
    Pedale (30 notes)
    32' Dbl. Op. Diap.
    16' Open Bass
    16' Violone
    16' Bourdon
    8'  Violoncello
    8'  Flute
    16' Trombone
    8'  Trumpet
    Great to Pneumatic
    Swell to Pneumatic
    Choir to Pneumatic
    Solo to Choir
    Choir to Sell
    Great to Pedale
    Swell to Pedale
    Choir to Pedale
    Swell Tremolo
    Pedal Check
    Wind Indicator
    Hydraulic Engine Starter
    Automatic Engine Regulator
    Pedal Movements:
    Great Forte
    Great Mezzo, double acting
    Great Piano, double acting
    Swell Forte
    Swell Piano, double acting
    Pedal Forte
    Pedal Piano, double acting
    Balanced Swell Pedal
    [Received via e-mail from Paul Slaughter, September 24, 2008]
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