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First United Presbyterian Church
Knoxville, Illinois 61448

OHS Database ID 4672.


This organ received OHS Citation number 394, 2010-11-12.

Status and Condition

The organ is in an unaltered state from its installation as described on this page.
The condition of the organ is in not known or has not been reported to the Database.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition September 4, 2005.
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Technical Details

Slider chests. Mechanical key action. Mechanical stop action.

Two manuals. 8 stops. 8 ranks.

The organ is in a case at the front of the room. Traditional style console with a removable panel in front of keyboards. The organ has an attached keydesk.

Drawknobs in horizontal row above top manual. Trigger/hitch-down swell. Combination Action: Fixed mechanical system. Flat straight pedalboard. Hitchdown couplers.


  • Status Note: There 1971 (OHS PC Database. October 30, 2004)
  • Online update from David Kinyon -- The instrument is in need of a good cleaning, but otherwise intact and used on a regular basis. The manuals are very heavy, especially when coupled and almost to hard to press keys. It has an ancient one octave electronic chimes keyboard attached to the side that doesn't work well. The orignial water pump is there though disconnected. It sits in a small, dead room. (Database Manager. September 4, 2005)

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Organ. Photograph by Keith Williams 2010-04-19
Keydesk with chimes keyboard. Photograph by Keith Williams 2010-04-19
Pedalboard and expression shoe. Photograph by Keith Williams 2010-04-19
Expression shoe detail. Photograph by Keith Williams 2010-04-19

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  • Typed stoplist from the OHS PC Database.
    First United Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, Illinois
    1901 Hinners
    (Stoplist: David Schnute from T 15:3:18)
    8' Open Diapason
    8' Melodia
    8' Dulciana
    8' Leiblich Gedackt
    8' Flute
    8' Salicional
    8' Violin Diapason
    16' Bourdon
    Great Octave
    Great to Pedal
    Swell to Pedal
    Swell to Great
  • Click Here Typed stoplist from the OHS PC Database. Plain text; will open in a new window or tab.
  • Annotated stoplist from Keith Williams
    First United Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, IL 61448
    Hinners & Albertsen, Pekin, Illinois
    (1900? Op. 458?)
    Great		61 notes
    Gr. Open Diapason 8’		 1-21 zinc, in façade, 13-61 sm
    				 #22 scribed “0  458  sc43 Open A”
    Gr. Melodia 8’			 1-12 sw, 13-48 ow, 49-61 sm
    Gr. Dulciana 8’			 (1-12 from Melodia) 13-61 sm, scrolls
    				   #13 scribed “sc56”
    Swell		61 notes
    Sw. Violin Diapason 8’		 1-14 zinc, in façade, 15-61 sm
    Sw. Lieblich Gedackt 8’		 1-48 sw, 49-61 sm
    Sw. Salicional 8’		   (1-12 from Gedackt) 13-61 sm, scrolls
    Sw. Flute 8’ (sic –actually 4’)	 1-5 zinc, 6-61 sm
    				   #6 scribed “458 (?) Fl Dolce F”
    Sw. Tremolo.
    Pedal		27 notes		
    16’ Bourdon			 1-27 sw
    Sw. to Gr. Coupler
    Sw. to Ped. Coupler
    Gr. to Ped. Coupler
    Gr. Oct. Coupler
    Blowers Signal			hand pumping mechanism intact and functional
    Early electric blower with ½ hp 1750 rpm Century motor, PS frame
    Manual keys have celluloid naturals and ebony sharps
    Pedal keys have maple naturals and walnut sharps
    Pitch +/- A432.5 , w.p. 3”?
    The organ sits in the front of the chancel, slightly elevated, in a rather ornate oak case.  The façade 
    pipes were originally multicolored (some traces of original paint remain on the backs of some pipes) but are 
    now painted white with gold mouths. In order that the organist could have some sightline to the choir to the 
    left of the organ, the Swell is angled 45 degrees from the Great and keydesk.
    [Received via e-mail from Keith Williams April 22, 2010]
  • Click Here Annotated stoplist from Keith Williams Plain text; will open in a new window or tab.