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St. Benedict's R.C. Church
Eggertsville (Amherst), New York

OHS Database ID 47692.

Status and Condition

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Technical Details

Three manuals. 39 ranks.


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  • Schlicker Organs. Stoplist and photograph. Source: Schlicker Organ Co. brochure. Document Date. Unknown. Document received from William G. Barnes 2018-06-12.

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  • stoplist taken from console as of 4/27/11
    St. Benedict RC Church, Amherst NY - 1951 3/39 Schlicker Organ
    Great (unenclosed and fully exposed, mounted on right side of wall in gallery)- 
    16' Pommer (61 pipes - partly in facade on both Great and Positiv)
    8' Principal (61 pipes - partly in facade)
    8' Spitz Floete (61 pipes)
    4' Octav (61 Pipes)
    2' Hohlfloete (61 pipes)
    IV Mixture (244 pipes)
    Chimes (prepared for)
    Great - Great 4'
    Swell - Great 8' (only)
    Positiv - Great 16'
    Positiv - Great 8'
    Swell (enclosed and located on extreme right side of gallery. In side chamber that is screened 
           and only visible from gallery)
    8' Rohrfloete (61 pipes)
    8' Viola (61 pipes)
    8' Voix Celeste (49 pipes)
    4' Gemshorn (61 pipes - tone quality of flute rather than string or hybrid)
    2 2/3' Nazard (61 pipes)
    2' Waldfloete (61 pipes)
    1 3/5' Teirce (61 pipes)
    IV Mixture (244 pipes)
    16' Dulzian (prepared for)
    8' Trumpet (61 pipes - most definitely a Schalmie)
    Swell - Swell 16'
    Swell - Swell 4'
    Positv (unenclosed and fully exposed mounted on left side of gallery wall in gallery) - 
    8' Gedeckt (61 pipes - capped metal)
    4' Rohrfloete (61 pipes)
    2' Principal (61 pipes)
    1 1/3' Quint (61 pipes - top octave breaks back)
    1' Siffloete (61 pipes - top octave breaks back)
    IV Scharff (244 pipes)
    Pedal (unenclosed - located partially in screened chamber in front of the Swell on extreme right 
           side of gallery.) -
    16' Bourdon (32 pipes - only wooden rank in the organ)
    16' Pommer (32 notes - from Great)
    8' Principal (32 pipes - partially in Great facade and not with rest of pedal)
    8' Quintadena (32 notes - Great Pommer)
    4' Prestant (32 pipes - tone is of flute quality rather than Principle)
    4' Gedeckt (32 notes - Great Pommer)
    2' Gemshorn (32 pipes - tone is of flute quality rather than string)
    IV Mixture (128 pipes)
    16' Poaune (32 pipes - full length)
    8' Trumpet (12 pipes - ext. 16')
    Great - Pedal 8'
    Swell - Pedal 8'
    Positiv - Pedal 8'
    [Received from Peter Gonciarz 2011-04-30.]
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