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St. Matthew Lutheran Church
839 W. Market Street
York, Pennsylvania 17401

OHS Database ID 56972.

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Status and Condition

The organ is in an unaltered state from its installation as described on this page.
The organ is in good condition and in regular use.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition November 13, 2015.

Technical Details

Slider chests with EP pallets (Blackinton type).

Three manuals. 35 stops. 47 ranks. Manual compass is 56 notes. Pedal compass is 30 notes.

The organ is in side chambers at the front of the room, with visible façade pipes or case front.

Drawknobs in horizontal rows on terraced/stepped jambs.


  • Dedication recital on March 2, 2014 by Olivier Latry, titular organist of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Paris. (Database Manager. October 25, 2015)

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Console. (2013) Photograph by Harold Ulmer
Grande Orgue Pipework. (2013) Photograph by Harold Ulmer
Positiv and Recit (shades closed). (2013) Photograph by Harold Ulmer
Sanctuary interior. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2019-10-18
Sanctuary interior from floor. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2019-10-18
Sanctuary interior to rear. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2019-10-18
Chancel and chamber openings. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2019-10-18
Chancel, console and chamber grillework. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2019-10-18
Console. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2019-10-18
Left Stopjamb. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2019-10-18
Right Stopjamb. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2019-10-18
Church exterior. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2019-10-18
Builder name plate. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2019-10-18

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  • Specification from Harold Ulmer, S.D.G. Pipe Organs
    York, Pennsylvania
    St. Matthew Lutheran Church
    S.D.G. Pipe Organs   2012                   3 manuals, 35 stops, 47 ranks
             I. GRAND-ORGUE                     III. RÉCIT EXPRESSIF
         16' Violonbasse         68          8' Bourdon à cheminée  56
          8' Montre              56          8' Viole de gambe      56
          8' Flûte harmonique    56          8' Voix céleste (TC)   44
          8' Violoncelle (ext)   --          4' Flûte octaviante    56
          8' Bourdon             56          2' Octavin             56
          4' Prestant            56          8' Trompette           56
          2' Doublette           56          8' Basson et hautbois  56
             Cornet V (TC)      220          8' Voix humaine        56
             Fourniture IV-VI   264             Trémolo
         16' Bombarde            56             Étoile tournante
          8' Trompette           56
          4' Clairon             56             PÉDALE
                                            32' Soubasse            54
             II. POSITIF EXPRESSIF          16' Contrebasse         54
         16' Bourdon doux        68         16' Soubasse (ext)      --
          8' Diapason            56         16' Violonbasse         GO
          8' Bourdon doux (ext)  --         16' Bourdon doux        PO
          8' Dulciane            56          8' Flûte (ext)         --
          8' Unda maris (TC)     44          8' Soubasse (ext)      --
          4' Prestant            56          8' Bourdon doux        PO
          4' Flûte douce         56          4' Octave (ext)        --
      2 2/3' Nasard              56         32' Contrebombarde      54
          2' Doublette           56         16' Bombarde (ext)      --
      1 3/5' Tierce              56          8' Trompette (ext)     --
             Plein jeu II-V     216
          8' Trompette           56
          8' Clarinette          56
             COMBINATIONS                       ACCOUPLEMENTS
             Generals       12  (thumb & toe)   G.O. au Pédale
             Grand-Orgue     5  (thumb)         Positif au Pédale
             Positif         5  (thumb)         Récit au Pédale
             Récit           5  (thumb)         Positif au Grand-Orgue
             Pédale          5  (toe)           Récit au G.O. octaves graves
             Set                (thumb)         Récit au G.O.
             General Cancel     (thumb)         Récit au Positif octaves graves
                                                Récit au Positif
             REVERSIBLES                        Cloches au G.O. (Chimes)
             G.O./Ped           (toe)
             Pos/Ped            (toe)           ACCESSORIES
             Réc/Ped            (toe)           Récit Expression Pedal
             Réc/G.O.           (thumb)         Positif Expression Pedal
             Pos/G.O.           (thumb)         Crescendo Pedal
             Réc/Pos            (thumb)
             Tutti I            (thumb & toe)   SOLID STATE CONTROLS
             Tutti II           (thumb & toe)   (7) pistons plus
             32' Bourdon        (toe)             additional controls
             32' Bombarde       (toe)             in small drawer under
             Étoile tournante   (toe)             the keyframe bed
             Pos/G.O. transfer  (thumb)
             Crescendo A & B    (thumb)
    [Received from Steven E. Lawson  2016-02-23]
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