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Sacred Heart R.C. Cathedral
360 Main Street
Winona, Minnesota 55987

OHS Database ID 57346.

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Status and Condition

The organ is no longer at this location, and is presumed destroyed, dispersed or relocated.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition March 17, 2016.

Technical Details

Electric key action. Electric stop action.

Three manuals. 38 ranks.

The organ is in a gallery-level case at the rear of the room.


  • This entry describes an original installation of a new pipe organ. Identified by John Igoe, using information from this web site:

    Organ was was located in the rear balcony of the Cathedral which also served as a choir loft. (Database Manager. December 28, 2015)
  • Updated through online information from James R. Stettner.
    An online document from the Cathedral Organ Committee ( ) indicates that none of the companies consulted were willing to transplant the Gress-Miles organ "as is", and were highly disinclined to incorporate the pipework in a new instrument based on the small scales and existing voicing. The Cathedral later chose a new Reuter for the Cathedral.

    Reuter reportedly pledged to incorporate as much of the Gress-Miles as could be artistically done. One possibility was suggested to use the Gress-Miles as the basis for an Antiphonal organ. (Database Manager. March 17, 2016)

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  • Typed Stoplist. Source: Stoplist copied from The American Organist May 1982
            Winona, Minnesota
            Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
            Gress-Miles   1980   3/38
        16' Gedecktpommer              8' Montre
         8' Principal                  8' Holzgedeckt
         8' Rohrflöte                  8' Flauto Dolce
         8' Harmonic Flute PD          4' Principal
         4' Octave                     4' Spillflöte
         2' Rohrpfeife                 2' Octave
      V-VI  Mixture                1 1/3' Quint
         8' Trompette      SW     III-IV  Scharf
                                       8' Cromorne
            SWELL                         Tremulant
         8' Bourdon                       PEDAL
         8' Viole de Gambe
         8' Voix Celeste   tc         32' Acoustic Bass II
         4' Traversflöte              16' Principal
         4' Octave Viole              16' Subbass
         4' Octave Celeste             8' Principal
     2 2/3' Nasat                      8' Holzgedeckt   GT
         2' Principal              5 1/3' Quintflöte
         2' Piccolo                    4' Octave
     1 3/5' Terz                       2' Harmonic Flute
     1 1/3' Quintflöte                 V  Mixture
         1' Octave                 IV-VI  Basse de Cornet
    III-IV  Zimbel                    16' Bombarde      SW
        16' Bombarde                   8' Trompette     SW
         8' Trompette                  4' Cromorne      PO
         4' Clairon
            Octaves Graves
             [Received from Jeff Scofield April 16, 2017]
  • Click Here Typed Stoplist. Source: Stoplist copied from The American Organist May 1982 Plain text; will open in a new window or tab.