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John Wanamaker Store
770 Broadway at 9th Street
New York City: Manhattan, New York 10003


OHS Database ID 57873.

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Status and Condition

This organ is no longer whole; parts were dispersed, and some may have been re-used in a different installation.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition February 20, 2016.

Technical Details

Electro-pneumatic (EP) chests.

Four manuals. 115 stops. 118 ranks. Manual compass is 61 notes. Pedal compass is 32 notes.

The organ is in chambers to the sides at the front of the room. There are no visible pipes.


  • In 1862, department store magnate Alexander T. Stewart (1803-1876) opened a huge cast-iron emporium, which filled an entire block from Broadway to Fourth Avenue and from East 9th to 10th Streets. Abandoning his popular Marble Palace at Broadway and Chambers Street for what many considered an architectural monstrosity sited too far uptown, Stewart proved his critics wrong. The store was painted white inside and out with a dramatic central rotunda topped by a skylit dome, and became the anchor for "Ladies Mile." Twenty years after Stewart's death, the Philadelphia-based John Wanamaker Company bought the store. John Wanamaker Store - New York City (1936 photo by Berenice Abbott, courtesy In 1902, John Wanamaker built an equally large annex across 9th Street. A second-story bridge connecting the two—seen at the left of Berenice Abbott's 1936 photograph—was called "The Bridge of Progress." The annex contained the auditorium which was the site of many concerts. Wanamaker's sold the store in 1954, at a time when Herald Square had eclipsed "Ladies Mile" as New York's shopping mecca. Just prior to its demolition in 1956, the building caught fire and burned out of control for a full day before firemen could contain the blaze. The cast-iron construction withstood the fire, only to fall to the wrecker's ball. Today, a 21-story apartment block, built in 1960 and named Stewart House, occupies the site; the 1902 Wanamaker annex is an office building.After the 1904 Austin organ suffered damage from a fire (c.1917-18), the Wanamaker Organ Shop rebuilt and greatly enlarged the organ. The redesigned organ included a new movable console with color-coded stop tablets, and a 13-stop Echo Organ, which was located on third floor and spoke through a tone chute. In 1947 and 1948, the Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co. of Boston was contracted to provide several additions to the organ. Following the sale and closure of the Wanamaker Store in New York, the organ console was acquired by Rubin Frels, an organ builder in Victoria, Texas (Jeff Scofield. December 1, 2019)

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Console. Photograph from The American Organist July 1946
Louis Vierne at the 1920 console. Photograph courtesy of The Friends of the Wanamaker , via the NYC AGO NYC Organ Project
Console in the Ruben Frels Residence, Victoria, Texas. Photograph by David C. Scribner via the NYC AGO NYC Organ Project

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  • . Source: Stoplist from the NYC AGO New York City Organ Project
            New York, New York
            John Wanamaker Store
            Wanamaker Organ Shop   1920   4/118
            GREAT (white tablets)         SWELL (aqua)
        16' Double Diapason           16' Bourdon
        16' Major Diapason             8' Open Diapason
         8' Open Diapason I            8' Cathedral Diapason
         8' Open Diapason II           8' Stopped Diapason
         8' Violin Principal           8' Clarabella
         8' Cor de Chamois             8' Chimney Flute
         8' Double Flute               8' Dolce Flute
         8' Grand Flute                8' Nasard Gamba
         8' Flute Harmonic             8' Aeolian Celeste
         8' Gamba                      8' Vox Angelica
         8' Viole d'Amour              4' Traverse Flute
     5 1/3' Mutation                   4' Mutation
         4' Principal              2 2/3' Mutation
         4' Octave                     2' Mutation
         4' Flute Harmonic         1 1/3' Mutation
     2 2/3' Mutation                  IV  Compound Mutation *
         2' Mutation                  16' Double Oboe Horn
     1 3/5' Mutation                   8' Cornopean
        IV  Compound Mutation *        8' Oboe
        16' Double Trumpet             8' Musette
         8' Trumpet                    8' Vox Humana
         4' Clarion                       Tremolo I
            Tremolo I                     Tremolo II
            Tremolo II
            ECHO (yellow)                 CHOIR (green)
        16' Bourdon                   16' Contra Viol
         8' Open Diapason              8' Open Diapason
         8' Stopped Diapason           8' Melodia
         8' Gemshorn                   8' Concert Flute
         8' Salicional                 8' Quintaphone
         8' Voix Celeste               8' Viole d'Orchestre
         4' Flute d'Amour              8' Viole Celeste
         2' Piccolo                    8' Flute Celeste
         8' Oboe                       8' Dulciana
         8' Euphone                    4' Flute Harmonic
         8' Vox Humana                 4' Violette
            Tremolo I                  2' Piccolo
            Tremolo II                16' Contra Fagotto
            Minor Chimes               8' Orchestral Oboe
                                       8' Clarinet
            ECHO PEDAL (yellow)        8' Cor Anglais
                                          Tremolo I
        16' Bourdon                       Tremolo II
            STRING (brown)                SOLO (lavender)
         8' String 1                  16' Grand Diapason
         8' String 2                   8' Stentorphone
         8' String 3                   8' Tibia
         8' String 4                   8' Flute Harmonic
         8' String 5                   8' Gamba
            Tremolo I                  8' Gamba Celeste
            Tremolo II                 4' Octave
                                       4' Flute Harmonic
            PEDAL (black)              2' Piccolo
                                      16' Tuba Profunda
        32' Contra Bourdon             8' Tuba Mirabilis
        16' Open Diapason I            8' French Horn
        16' Open Diapason II           8' Grand Clarinet
        16' Contra Flute               4' Tuba Clarion
        16' Bourdon I                     Tremolo I
        16' Bourdon II                    Tremolo II
        16' Violone
        16' Viole                         PERCUSSION (white) **
        16' Dulciana
    10 2/3' Quint                         Piano on PD
         8' Cello                         Piano on SW
         8' Flute I                       Piano on SW sustained
         8' Flute II                      Celesta on GT
         4' Flute                         Celeste on SW
        32' Contra Trombone 15"           Celesta on CH
        16' Trombone                      Chimes on GT
        16' Fagotto                       Chimes on CH
         8' Tromba                        Harp on GT
         4' Clarion                       Harp on SW
                                          Harp on CH
         *  draws the mutation stops
        **  color of the division to which they are
            coupled on the lower half of the tablet
              [Received from Jeff Scofield December 1, 2019]
  • Click Here . Source: Stoplist from the NYC AGO New York City Organ Project Plain text; will open in a new window or tab.