The OHS Pipe Organ Database

Salem United Methodist Church
810 York Street
Newport, Kentucky 41071

OHS Database ID 5860.

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Status and Condition

The organ has been relocated and is no longer at this location.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition March 24, 2013.

Technical Details

Slider chests. Mechanical key action. Mechanical stop action.

Two manuals. 3 divisions. 18 stops. 22 registers. 20 ranks.

Traditional style console with a keyboard cover that can be lifted to form a music rack. The organ has an attached keydesk.

Drawknobs in horizontal rows on terraced/stepped jambs. Balanced swell shoes/pedals. Combination Action: Fixed mechanical system. Flat straight pedalboard. Coupler reversible toe studs.


  • On OCH For Sale list 1995. On OCH For Sale list 1995 from Knoxville, TN area. (OHS PC Database. October 30, 2004)
  • Updated through online information from James R. Stettner. -- The church was converted to use as a theatre, and a large purple drape was hung in front of the organ to hide it from view. The organ was removed from the church in one day's time, and only one day ahead of the wrecker's ball. It was placed in storage in Knoxville, Tennessee. for 5 years before being acquired by Spanaway Lutheran Church in Spanaway, Washington (near Tacoma). It was installed there with minimal refurbishing and is still in need of a thorough restoration. (Database Manager. May 16, 2006)
  • Updated through online information from Don Hurd. -- The church is currently the home of the Stained Glass Theatre Company. The organ was taking up stage space after the church closed, and they were anxious for it to be removed. The trumpet rank had disappeared--made tuning much more accessible! I was called to disconnect the pedalboard to reduce the footprint as much as possible. I believe Brad Rule moved and rebuilt it for another home in the 1990's. (Database Manager. March 24, 2013)

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