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Central Methodist Episcopal Church
High Street/Center Street
Springfield, Ohio 45502

OHS Database ID 60256.

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Technical Details

Slider chests. Mechanical key action. Mechanical stop action.

Two manuals. 15 stops. 16 registers. 15 ranks. Manual compass is 61 notes. Pedal compass is 30 notes.


  • This entry describes an original installation of a new pipe> Identified by J. A. Hefner, citing information from this publication: "A Brief History of Central United Methodist Church, 1805-1980" by Harry C. Laybourne, 1982.
    This organ was installed in a church building constructed 1864. According to the factory record [courtesy Aaron M. Tellers], the order was received 14 July 1889, shipping out 16 Dec. Due to the congregation's massive expansion, the church decided to rebuild, and a lot was leased at the corner of High Str. and Lowry Ave., where a large frame tabernacle was constructed [capacity 1100], ca. Sept 1911.

    The Felgemaker was moved there before May 1912, when the old church was demolished, and it [plus stenciled façade pipes] can be seen in a 1912 photograph.

    On 21 Sept 1914, the new building was used for a Men's Brotherhood club meeting, and on the morning of 27 Sept, the congregation and Sunday School [approx. 1400-1500 people] marched up High Str. to the new building, where the Pilcher organ had been installed.

    The factory ledger mentions Jas. Myers, Esq. and some other names, but the only Myers in the Laybourne history are Warren A. and Wilbur J. Meyers, who gifted the Pilcher organ (sold to Second Baptist Church, Springfield OH in 1960). (Database Manager. June 5, 2017)

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  • Felgemaker opus 703 factory log. PDF of the factory order for ABF opus 703. Source: Handwritten on lined paper. Document Date. Unknown. Document received from J.A. Hefner 2017-06-06.

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ABF opus 703 [note stencilled facade pipes] in High Str/Lowry Ave temporary tabernacle, ca. 1912. Archival photo courtesy Harry C. Laybourne and J. A. Hefner (ca. 1912)

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  • Typed specification. Source: From factory log
    Springfield, Ohio
    Central Methodist Episcopal Church
    A. B. Fegelmaker Co.   Opus 703   1899         2 manuals, 15 stops, 15 ranks
             GREAT ORGAN                        SWELL ORGAN
          8' Open Diapason          61      16' Bourdon (wood)       }  61
          8' Dulciana               61      16' Bourdon Bass         }
          8' Melodia (wood)         61       8' Violin Diapason         61
          4' Octave                 61       8' Aeoline                 61
      2 2/3' Octave Quinte          61       8' Stopped Diapason (wood) 61
          2' Super Octave           61       4' Flute Harmonique        61
                                             4' Violina                 61
            PEDAL ORGAN                      8' Oboe & Bassoon          61
        16' Bourdon (wood)          30
         8' Violoncello             30          PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                               *Forte Combination - Great Organ
            MECHANICAL ACCESSORIS              *Piano Combination - Great Organ
            Tremolo                            *Forte Combination - Swell Organ
            Bellows Signal                     *Piano Combination - Swell Organ
            Pedal Check                         Great to Pedal Reversible
            Wind Indicator                      Balanced Swell Pedal
                                                * Double Acting
    [Received from Steven E. Lawson  2017-06-06]
  • Click Here Typed specification. Source: From factory log Plain text; will open in a new window or tab.
  • Original document from J. A. Hefner.. Source: Stoplist from Felgemaker factory log, courtesy Aaron M. Tellers (Tellers Organ Co.)
    Springfield, OH
    Central Methodist Episcopal Church (presently Faith United Methodist Church)
    Organ by A. B. Felgemaker Co. (Opus 703, 1899)
    - Operational -
    Bellows signal
    Wind indicator
    Pedal check
    Balanced swell pedal
    - Couplers (pistons) -
    Great to Pedal
    Swell to Pedal
    Swell to Great
    - Great -
    8' Open Diapason (metal, 61-note)
    8' Dulciana (metal, 61-note)
    8' Melodia (wood, 61-note)
    4' Octave (metal, 61-note)
    2⅔' Octave Quinte (metal, 61-note) [entry has "Flute d'Amour      wood" lightly written next to it]
    2' Super Octave (metal, 61-note)
    - Swell -
    16' Bourdon (wood, 61-note)
    16' Bourdon Bass (wood, 61-note)
    8' Violin Diapason (wood & metal, 61-note)
    8' Aeoline [Aeolina] (wood & metal, 61-note)
    8' Stopped Diapason (wood, 61-note)
    8' Oboe & Bassoon ("wood & metal", 61-note)
    4' Flute Harmonique (wood & metal, 61-note)
    4' Violina (metal, 61-note)
    - Pedal -
    16' Bourdon (wood, 30-note)
    8' Violincello (metal, 30-note)
    - Pedal movements [combinations] -
    Forte combination [combinatoire?], Great organ, double acting
    Piano combination, Great organ, double acting
    Forte combination, Swell organ, double acting
    Piano combination, Swell organ, double acting
    Great to Pedal reversible coupler
  • Click Here Original document from J. A. Hefner.. Source: Stoplist from Felgemaker factory log, courtesy Aaron M. Tellers (Tellers Organ Co.) Plain text; will open in a new window or tab.