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Arnot Community Church
70 Church St.
Arnot, Pennsylvania 16911

OHS Database ID 64383.

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Status and Condition

The organ has been relocated and is no longer at this location.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition April 29, 2019.

Technical Details

Two manuals. 8 ranks.


  • This entry describes an original installation of a used pipe organ.
    Identified by James R. Stettner, listing conversations with this person as the source of the information: Joe Granger, who has just removed the organ for storage and restoration..
    (Database Manager. April 29, 2019)

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Organ case in fromt of church. Photograph by Joe Granger 2019-04-14
Organ case. Photograph by Joe Granger 2019-04-23
Keydesk. Photograph by Joe Granger 2019-04-14
Console: Builder's nameplate. Photograph by Joe Granger 2019-04-23
Great pipework. Photograph by Joe Granger 2019-04-23
Pipework inside swellbox. Photograph by Joe Granger 2019-04-23
Stenciled Pedal 16' Bourdon pipes. Photograph by Joe Granger 2019-04-23

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  • Typed stoplist from James R. Stettner. Source: Stoplist provided by Joe Granger who removed the organ
    Arnot, Pennsylvania
    Arnot Presbyterian / Arnot Community Church
    WILLIAM KING, 1878 - Original Specifications
    Unknown Builder, 1912 - Installation Used. Unaltered.
    GREAT                                        COUPLERS (Drawknob) 
       8  Open Diapason  (1-13 façade)  58          Swell to Pedal
       8  Dulciana                (tc)  46          Great to Pedal
       8  Melodia                 (tc)  46
       8  Stop. Diap. Bass              12          Swell to Great
       4  Octave                        58
                                                 PEDAL MOVEMENTS
    SWELL (Expressive)                              Swell Expression             (bal.)
       8  Keraulophon             (tc)  46
       8  Stop. Diap. Treble      (tc)  46
       8  Stop. Diap. Bass              12
       4  Wald Flute                    58
       16 Bourdon                       27
    ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop      VOICES: 8      STOPS: 10      RANKS: 8      PIPES: 409
    The original home of this organ was First Presbyterian Church in Wellsboro, PA. When
    they got a new Moller in 1912, the King was relocated to Arnot.
    The organ is free-standing and encased at the front of the sanctuary. The 3-sectional
    façade contains 25 pipes arranged: 5-15-5. The pipes had been painted white with gold
    at the top. But formerly visible Pedal 16' Bourdon pipes reveal that the organ once
    may have had colorfully stenciled pipes. The first 13 pipes of the Great 8' Open Diap-
    ason are en façade. The keydesk has a folding cover which lifts to form a music rack.
    Stop controls are drawknobs in terraced jambs on either side of the manuals.
    The organ had been unplayable for many years. The blower disappeared. The Great pipe-
    work showed signs of damage from a ceiling collapse and rough handling, though the
    Swell pipework looked immaculate. The original double-rise regulator had been removed
    in 1957. The church could not fund its restoration and had plans to literally throw-out
    the organ. It had to be removed by Saturday April 20th.
    Joe Peckham who lives regionally notified organ builder Joe Granger of Lansing. Michigan
    who was able to get a deadline extension for removal. He drove to Arnot, PA. with asso-
    ciate Travis Tenwalde, and removed the organ on April 24 & 25, 2019.
    Only one stop face and three pipes were fond to be missing. The organ will be returned
    to Michigan and stored pending restoration.
    Sources: Joe Granger Facebook page and photos
    Arnot Community Church
    70 Church St.
    Arnot, PA. 16911                             Documented: April 24 & 25, 2019
  • Click Here Typed stoplist from James R. Stettner. Source: Stoplist provided by Joe Granger who removed the organ Plain text; will open in a new window or tab.