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Residence: Edward Krynicki & John McGovern
Boynton Beach, Florida 334__

OHS Database ID 64870.

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Technical Details

Electro-pneumatic (EP) unit chests.

Two manuals. 2 divisions. 10 ranks. Manual compass is 61 notes. Pedal compass is 32 notes.


  • This entry identifies a relocated and enlarged organ, identfied by James R. Stettner, based on information from a YouTube video. -- This organ has is its basis a 2-manual, 6-rank 1954 Reuter originally built for St. Andrew Methodist Church in Spring Lake, New Jersey. It was removed by the present owners with family and parishioner assistance in 2004 and reinstalled in their home with four added ranks. There are now independent ranks for the Swell and Great. Some of the added ranks are recycled Austin pipework. Plans include enlargement to 15 ranks. (James Stettner. October 6, 2019)

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  • Residence Organ Video. YouTube video of the organ playing just prior to moving again..[Last accessed 2019-10-06.]

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Chamber with exposed Great in front. Console to the right. Photograph by John E. McGovern 2006-01-03
Console. Photograph by John E. McGovern 2006-10-15

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  • Typed stoplist from James R. Stettner. Source: Stoplist provided by the owner on a YouTube video
    Boynton Beach, Florida
    Residence: Edward Krynicki and John McGovern
    REUTER ORGAN CO., Opus 1087, 1954
    Owners, 2004-2005 - Removal, Moving, Enlarging, Re-installation
    GREAT                                        COUPLERS
       8'     Diapason                  61
       8'     Bourdon     [metal]       61
       8'     Gedeckt             (Sw)  –-
       8'     Viole               (Sw)  –-
       8'     Celeste             (Sw)  –-
       4'     Octave                    61
       4'     Flute              (Bdn)  12       FINGER PISTONS
       4'     Viole               (Sw)  –-
       4'     Celeste             (Sw)  –-
       2 2/3' Nazard             (Bdn)  –-
       2'     Fifteenth                 61
       16'    Dulzian             (Sw)  –-
       8'     Trompette           (Sw)  –-
       4'     Clarion             (Sw)  –-
              Chimes                   (25)
    SWELL (Expressive)
       8'     Gedeckt    [wood]         61       TOE STUDS
       8'     Viole                     61
       8'     Celeste             (tc)  49
       4'     Flauto Traverso           61
       4'     Viole                     12
       4'     Celeste                   12
       2 2/3' Nazard                     7
       2'     Flauto Traverso           12
       1 1/3` Tierce             (Ged)   5       PEDAL MOVEMENTS
       16'    Dulzian        (tc - VH)  –-          Swell Expression             (bal.)
       8'     Trompette                 61          Crescendo                    (bal.)
       8'     Vox Humana                61
       4'     Clarion                   12
       32'    Resultant          (Bdn)  –-
       16'    Gedeckt    [wood]   (Sw)  12       ACTION: E-P unit
       16'    Bourdon   [metal]   (Gt)  12
       8'     Diapason            (Gt)  –-       VOICES: 10
       8'     Gedeckt             (Sw)  –-
       8'     Bourdon             (Gt)  –-       STOPS: 37
       4'     Octave              (Gt)  –-
       16'    Fagotto    (L/2)    (Sw)  12       RANKS: 10
       8'     Trompette           (Sw)  –-
       4'     Clarion             (Sw)  –-       PIPES: _____ 
    From a YouTube video posted by the owner: “During the summer of 2004 as part of their
    summer vacation, Ed and John assisted by John's brother Jim and a core of church vol-
    unteers at St. Andrew United Methodist Church, Spring Lake, NJ, the original home of
    the Reuter Opus 1087 (1954), began the ambitious task of moving this magnificent in-
    strument to its new home in Boynton Beach FL. In its original configuration at St.
    Andrews the organ played as a unit organ of six ranks all enclosed. The church was
    in the process of procuring a new electronic organ; the original curator of the in-
    strument, Don Davett (one of the original organists at Radio City Music Hall),
    negotiated the exchange between the church and the new owner.
    The organ in its new location played for the first time on Easter Sunday 2005 and
    has been a source of much delight to the owner and their many musically talented
    friends who have given concerts on the instrument. The organ now plays in two
    divisions and has been expanded to ten ranks with the addition (in the Swell) of
    a Vox Humana (originally a part of the Austin (Opus 794) at St Aidans, Jersey City,
    NJ), 4' Flauto Traverso (originally Austin organ opus 1148), 16' Fagotto (12 pipes),
    and (in the Great) 4' Octave, 2' Fifteenth, 16' metal Bourdon (12 pipes).”
    Sources: Reuter opus list: owner YouTube video and notes
    Residence: Edward Krynicki and John McGovern 
    Boynton Beach, Florida 
  • Click Here Typed stoplist from James R. Stettner. Source: Stoplist provided by the owner on a YouTube video Plain text; will open in a new window or tab.