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Roland Park Presbyterian
4801 Roland Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21210

OHS Database ID 65168.

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Status and Condition

The organ has been altered from the original installation as described here.
The organ needs repairs, but is in usable condition.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition January 13, 2020.

Technical Details

Two manuals. 12 ranks.


  • This entry describes an original installation of a new pipe organ.
    Identified by Steven Bartley, who maintains the organ.
    In 1960, the 1902 church building underwent a large scale renovation and enlargement. The original octagonal shape being kept, but a center aisle and divided chancel were part of the work. An article, in the Baltimore Sun Paper 6/12/1960 pg. 98, explains the various details and mentions that a new organ was placed in the chancel, as well as the new organ console. The arched ceiling, of the chancel is a series of wood arched ribs, which, from the congregation appear solid, but provide large amount of openness to the chambers on either side of the chancel. None of the pipe work appears to be reused from the previous Moller organ, though it is curious how similar the tonal plan is to a small organ of 1930 would have been common. At some time, in the past 20-25 years, the original Wicks console was replaced with a 2 manual Allen organ console. The stop knobs are arranged as Swell I, Swell II; Great I, Great II; Pedal I, Pedal II. The division with Roman numeral I indicates the Wicks stops, and those with II indicate the Allen stops. The marriage is not great, but does sort of work, The lack of any reverberation is the greatest hindrance to the tonal results. (Database Manager. January 13, 2020)

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  • Original document from Steve Bartley.. Source:
    Baltimore, MD
    Roland Park Presbyterian
    Organ by Wicks Organ Co.
    Great (enclosed)
    8 Open Diapason  61
    8 Melodia        61
    8 Dulciana       61
    4 Octave         61
    4 Melodia        12
    8 Clarinet       61
       Chimes        21
    Swell (enclosed)
    16 Gedackt       61
      8 Viola        61
      8 Celeste      49
      8 Gedackt      12
      4 Gedackt      12
      2 Gedackt      12
      8 Trumpet      61
      8 Oboe         61
      8 Vox Humana   61
        Harp         49 bars
    16 Diapason      12
    16 Subbass       32
    16 Gedackt  (sw)
     8 Diapason (gt)
     8 Subbass      12 
     8 Gedackt
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