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St. John the Baptist R. C. Church
509 Harrison Ave.
Harrison, Ohio 45030

OHS Database ID 65174.

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Status and Condition

The organ is in an unaltered state from its installation as described on this page.
The organ is in good condition and in regular use.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition January 17, 2020.

Technical Details

Electro-pneumatic (EP) chests.

Three manuals. 4 divisions. 26 stops. 44 registers. 32 ranks. Manual compass is 61 notes. Pedal compass is 32 notes.

Traditional style console with roll top.

Balanced swell shoes/pedals, standard AGO placement. Adjustable combination pistons. AGO Standard (concave radiating) pedalboard.


  • Relocated by Schantz as #2334 from the Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Cincinnati, Ohio, which closed in 2013. (Jeff Scofield. January 17, 2020)

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  • . Source: Stoplist provided by Jeff Dexter, Schantz Organ Company
                    Harrison, Ohio
                    St. John the Baptist R. C. Church
                    Schantz Organ Company (#1834) 1986
                   (replaced organ #1250 (1974) lost in 
                    arson fire - 1984)
                    Schantz Organ Company (#2334) 2019
                    Relocation to St.. John the Baptist
                    GREAT ORGAN
    	8'	Principal	  61 pipes
    	8'	Rohrflöte	  73 pipes
    	4'	Octave	          61 pipes
    	4'	Flöte
    	2'	Fifteenth	  61 pipes
    	1-1/3'	Fourniture IV	 244 pipes
    	8'	Trompete	  61 pipes
    		Chimes	          21 bells
                    SWELL ORGAN
    	16'	Lieblich Gedackt  80 pipes
    	8'	Gedackt
    	8'	Salicional	  68 pipes
    	8'	Voix Celeste (FF) 63 pipes
    	4'	Principal	  68 pipes
    	4'	Waldflöte	  68 pipes
    	2'	Blockflöte	  61 pipes
    	2'	Plein Jeu III	 183 pipes
    	16'	Hautbois	  92 pipes
    	8'	Hautbois
    	4'	Hautbois
                    CHOIR ORGAN
    	8'	Bordun	           68 pipes
    	8'	Muted Viol	   68 pipes
    	8'	Viol Celeste (TC)  56 pipes
    	4'	Koppelflöte	   68 pipes
    	2-2/3'	Nazard	           73 pipes
    	2'	Principal	   61 pipes
    	1-3/5'	Tierce	           61 pipes
    	1-1/3'	Larigot
    	8'	Krummhorn	   68 pipes			
                    PEDAL ORGAN
    	32'	Resultant
    	16'	Contrabass	   56 pipes
    	16'	Subbass	           68 pipes
    	16'	Lieblich Gedackt     [SW]
    	8'	Octave
    	8'	Flute
    	8'	Gedackt	             [SW]
    	4'	Choralbass	
    	4'	Flute
    	2'	Flute
    	2-2/3'	Rauschquint II	   64 pipes
    	16'	Posaune            12 pipes [GT]
    	16'	Hautbois	     [SW]
    	8'	Trompete	     [GT]
    	8'	Hautbois	     [SW]
    	4'	Hautbois	     [SW]
     [Received from Jeff Scofield January 17, 2020]
  • Click Here . Source: Stoplist provided by Jeff Dexter, Schantz Organ Company Plain text; will open in a new window or tab.