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Organ Identification

Searches for builder names are case sensitive. To avoid errors, do not use '&' or '/' in names. Use the second field to refine your search, looking for a builder's name that includes "Aeolian" but doesn't include "Skinner," for example.

Please enter only the four digits of a year in this section. The second date field is optional, to be used only to refine your search.

If a builder (or OHS) uses a form such as 827-X, enter only the whole number in this field. The second opus field is optional, to be used only to refine your search.

Current Status

This section limits the search results according to the current state of the instrument as it has been recorded in the Database. Please remember that we are dependent on the entire organ community for the accuracy of our information, and consider updating all instruments with which you are acquainted. Doing so will help make this search more reliable for all site visitors.

Mechanical Details

The Database does not have these details for all organs, particularly in the case of instruments identified solely through historic documents. Therefore, we highly recommend that you treat results from searches using these criteria as incomplete at best.

Instrument size



The following fields are presented in pairs. As in the case of builder names, opus numbers, and dates, use the second field to refine your search.

Auxiliary Documents

This section permits limiting the selection to those entries that have auxiliary documents associated with them: photographs, stoplists, other documents. Check any or all boxes to refine the search.

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