The OHS Pipe Organ Database

The list below contains all organs in the database (as of February 21, 2018) that have had photographs associated with their entries in the last 21 days: 50 images of 39 individual instruments. Images were most recently added 2018-02-15. To search for a particular city, state or institution, use crtl-F/command-F. Click the name of the institution to open the page with details about the organ, or click on a thumbnail image to see a larger image.

The organs whose photographs have been added to the Database most recently appear at the top of the page. The order in which the organs are listed can be changed by choosing to see them arranged alphabetically by city or state.

The Aeolian Co. Opus 1484 (1920). Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. Atlanta, Georgia.

Henry Pilcher's Sons Opus 1443.5 (1928). Dayton Military Home. Dayton, Ohio.

A. J. Schantz, Sons & Co. (1940). Presbyterian Church. Millersburg, Ohio.

M. P. Möller Opus 11195 (1977). Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church. Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Schantz Organ Co. Opus 1765 (1984). Sacred Heart R.C. Co-Cathedral. Charleston, West Virginia.

Pels (1957). Travis Park Methodist Church. San Antonio, Texas.

A. B. Felgemaker Co. Opus 1185 (1917). First Presbyterian Church. Gainesville, Texas.

Henry Pilcher's Sons Opus 1466 (1929). First Baptist Church. Beaumont, Texas.

The Aeolian Co. Opus 1333 (1915). Residence: William Wrigley, Jr. / Tournament of Roses Association. Pasadena, California.

Casavant Frères Ltée. Opus 3692 (1991). First Christian Church. Lubbock, Texas.

Reuter Organ Co. Opus 1346 (1963). First Methodist Church. Corpus Christi, Texas.

Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co. Opus 1065 (1945). First Methodist Church. Shreveport, Louisiana.

Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co. Opus 1496 (1966). Kavanaugh Methodist Church. Greenville, Texas.

Reuter Organ Co. Opus 1741 (1970). Southern Illinois University. Carbondale, Illinois.

Skinner Organ Co. Opus 578 (1926). South Congregational Church. Springfield, Massachusetts.

Estey Organ Co. Opus 879 (1911). Residence: A. H. Hayes, Jr.. Pasadena, California.

M. P. Möller Opus 4389 (1925). Friendship Baptist Church. Pasadena, California.

Austin Organ Co. Opus 441 (1912). Intercession Episcopal Chapel – Trinity Parish. New York City: Manhattan, New York.

Murray M. Harris (Organ Co.) (1909). Congregation Sinai Synagogue. Los Angeles, California.

The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. Opus 1364 (1926). Alhambra Theatre. San Francisco, California.

Robert Morton Organ Co. (1921). Residence: Mrs. Ruth Anderson. Hollywood, California.

H. H. Vogelpohl & Sons Opus 92 (1916). St. John Lutheran Church. Arlington, Minnesota.

Robert-Morton Company (1920). Pantages (Warner Bros. Downtown) (Warrens) Theatre. Los Angeles, California.

Hook & Hastings Opus 2076 (1905). Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Dallas, Texas.

David Hagberg (1999). Episcopal Church. Turners Falls, Massachusetts. (Original Builder: Reuben Midmer & Sons [1885])

M. P. Möller Opus 11782 (1988). All Saints Episcopal Church. Virginia Beach, Florida.

Casavant Frères Opus 3873 (2008). University of Puerto Rico. San Juan, 11.

Hutchings-Votey Organ Co. Opus 1625 (1900). Christ Church, Methodist. Glens Falls, New York.

Hinners Organ Co. (1911). United Methodist. David City, Nebraska.

Bradley Rule / B. Rule & Co. (1996). Faith Lutheran Church. Andover, Massachusetts. (Original Builder: E. L. Holbrook [1899])

Bon R. Smith (1896). Howard Presbyterian Church. San Francisco, California.

R. A. Daffer, Inc. (1985). St. Dominic's R.C. Church. Washington, District of Columbia. (Original Builder: Roosevelt Organ Works [Hilborne Roosevelt Organs] [1885])

Henry Pilcher's Sons Opus 1180 (1923). First Presbyterian. Hillsboro, Texas.

Reuter Organ Co. Opus 1240 (1958). University Christian Church. Fort Worth, Texas.

M. P. Möller Opus 5651 (1930). First United Methodist Church. Mansfield, Ohio.

Henry Pilcher's Sons (1927). St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. Jacksonville, Florida.

Henry Pilcher's Sons Opus 1242 (1925). Sacred Heart R.C. Church. Galveston, Texas.

M. P. Möller Opus 4423 (1925). Studio: Mr. E. A. Todd. El Centro, California.

The Aeolian Co. Opus 1232 (1912). Residence: Edwin Ginn (Terrace of Oaks). Winchester, Massachusetts.

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