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St. Agatha's R.C. Church
East Milton, Massachusetts.

Typed stoplist from James R. Stettner Stoplist copied from July 2019 photos of the organ on the Database


East Milton, Massachusetts
St. Agatha's RC Church - Lower Church

AEOLIAN-SKINNER ORGAN CO., Opus 3014, 1938 - “Original Specifications”

GREAT (Expressive)               SWELL (Expressive)              PEDAL (Expressive)
   8     Diapason                   8     Viola                     16    Bourdon
   8     Viola                      8     Gedeckt                   8     Diapason
   8     Gedeckt                    4     Viola                     8     Gedeckt
   4     Octave                     4     Flute                     4     Viola
   4     Viola                      2-2/3 Nazard                    4     Flute
   2-2/3 Nazard                     2     Piccolo
   2     Fifteenth                        Tremolo

   16    Bourdon                  (Ped)   12   Extension of the 8 Gedeckt.
   8     Diapason              (Gt/Ped)   61
   8     Viola                  (Sw/Gt)   49   1-12 from the Gedeckt unit.
   8     Gedeckt            (Sw/Gt/Ped)   61
   4     Octave                    (Gt)   –-   From the 8 Diapason. Top 8ve repeats.
   4     Viola              (Sw/Gt/Ped)   12   Extension of the 8 Viola.
   4     Flute                 (Sw/Ped)   12   Extension of the 8 Gedeckt.
   2 2/3 Nazard                 (Sw/Gt)   --   From the Gedeckt unit.
   2     Fifteenth                 (Gt)   –-   From the Viola unit. Top 8ve repeats.
   2     Piccolo                   (Sw)   --   From the Gedeckt unit. Top 8ve repeats. 
         Tremolo                   (Sw)        Affects the entire instrument.


   Bourdon/Gedeckt                  Diapason                        Viola
   85 pipes                         61 pipes                        61 pipes

ACTION: E-P unit        VOICES: 3        STOPS: 18        RANKS: 3        PIPES: 207

This is one of Aeolian-Skinner's stock model 3000 Series organs. It is original and
was restored in 2006. The organ is free-standing and encased. The keydesk is attached.
Stops are as rocker tablets over the Swell keys. The facade is wood with cloth grilles,
and a small dummy facade of 9 gold pipes in the center. The organ has been moved from
the back to the front.

Sources: A-S opus list; OHS Database; OHS Database photos

St. Agatha's R.C. Church – Lower Church
432 Adams Street
East Milton, MA. 01286

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