The OHS Pipe Organ Database

Residence: Mrs. Modini Wood
Los Angeles, California.

Original document from Jim Lewis. Original Spec. Sheet - Estey Organ Museum


Los Angeles, CA
Residence: Mrs. Modini Wood

Organ by Estey Organ Co.

Great: 61 notes
8  Open Diapason
8  Dulciana
8  Melodia
4  Octave
4  Traverse Flute

Swell: 61 notes
16 Bourdon
8  Violin Diapason
8  Salicional
8  ├ćoline
8  Stopped Diapason
4  Harmonic Flute
8  Oboe

Pedal: 30 notes
16 Bourdon
8  Violoncello

Swell to Great 8, 4
Great to Pedal 8
Swell to Pedal 8


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