The OHS Pipe Organ Database

First Methodist Episcopal Church / Glen Allan United Methodist Church
Glen Allan, Mississippi.

Stoplist courtesy of Dr. Nancy C. Coleman and the OHS Archives


   Glen Allan, Mississippi
   Glen Allan Methodist Church

   Möller   Op. 3932   1924   2/6

   GREAT                     SWELL                  PEDAL

8' Open Diapason    61    8' Gedeckt      GT    16' Bourdon 32
8' Stopped Diapason 61    8' Dolce        GT        GT-PED 8-4
8' Dulciana         61    8' Voix Celeste 49        SW=PED 8-4
4' Flute Traverso   61    4' Flute        GT
   Sub                       Tremulant
   Super                     Sub
   SW-GT 16-8-4              Super

The organ was restored in 1992 by Rive' Organ Company, Metairie, Louisiana
with money bequeathed to the church by Amanda "Manny" Brown, former organist.
Later, a complete set of Maas Cathedral Chimes were given to the church by
Dr. William R. Hanson, and these are played on the Great manual. 

          [Received from Dr. Nancy C. Coleman August 30, 2019]

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