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Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Forest Grove, Oregon.

Typed stoplist from James R. Stettner Stoplist copied from the console October 31, 1990; verified & updated December, 1995


Forest Grove, Oregon
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

GUENTHER ORGAN CO., 1943 - Original Specifications

GREAT (Expressive)              SWELL (Expressive)              PEDAL (Expressive)
   8     Diapason                  16    Bourdon                   16    Bourdon
   8     Flute                     8     Flute                           blank
   8     Viola d'Gamba                   blank                     8     Diapason
   8     Dulciana                  8     Salicional                8     Flute
         blank                     8     Dulciana                  8     Gamba
   4     Octave                    4     Flute                     8     Dulciana
   4     Flute                     4     Violina                   4     Flute
   4     Violina                   4     Dulciana
   4     Dulciana                  2-2/3 Nazard
   2-2/3 Nazard                    2     Flautino
   2     Piccolo                         blank
         Chimes                          blank

   16    Bourdon               (Sw/Ped)  12  Extension of the 8' Flute.
   8     Diapason              (Gt/Ped)  61
   8     Flute              (Sw/Gt/Ped)  61
   8     Viola d'Gamba             (Gt)  –-  Same as the 8' Salicional.
   8     Gamba                    (Ped)  –-  Same as the 8' Salicional.
   8     Salicional                (Sw)  61
   8     Dulciana           (Sw/Gt/Ped)  61       
   4     Octave                    (Gt)  –-  From the 8' Diapason. 49 notes: CC-c49.
   4     Flute              (Sw/Gt/Ped)  12  Extension of the 8' Flute.
   4     Violina                (Sw/Gt)  –-  From the 8' Salicional. 49 notes: CC-c49.
   4     Dulciana               (Sw/Gt)  –-  From the 8' Dulciana. 49 notes: CC-c49.
   2-2/3 Nazard                 (Sw/Gt)  –-  From the Flute unit. 54 notes: CC-f54.
   2     Flautino                  (Sw)  –-  From the Flute unit. 49 notes: CC-c49.
   2     Piccolo                   (Gt)  –-  Same as the 2' Flautino.
         Tremolo                   (Sw)      Affects the entire instrument.
         Chimes                    (Gt)      Prepared-for.


   Diapason                 Flute                    Salicional               Dulciana
   61 pipes                 85 pipes                 61 pipes                 61 pipes

COUPLERS                                     FINGER PISTONS
   None                                         None

PEDAL MOVEMENTS                              TOE STUDS
   Expression                   (bal.)          None
   Crescendo                    (bal.)

ACTION: E-P & D-E Unit      VOICES: 4      STOPS: 25      RANKS: 4      PIPES: 268

The original cost of the organ was $3,000.00, and it was dedicated on October 17, 1943.

The 16' Bourdon extension of the 8' Flute is a different set of pipes from the 73 pipes
of the 8'/4' Flute unit. They are also in poor condition with many splits which have been
inadequately repaired with clear, silicon caulk.

The other pipework appears to be from Durst Organ Supply. The quality of construction is
good and scales are generous.

The relay is electro-pneumatic and in need of replacement. The old phosphor bronze contacts
are pitted and scored. In some cases they are near to breaking-off. Past organ technicians
have removed the cover for servicing and neglected to put it back. This has resulted in a
debilitating accumulation of dirt which results in intermittent 'dead' notes.

The main chest is adequately constructed and appears to operate with direct-electric magnets.
Some of the offset chests for larger pipes are electro-pneumatic.

The Tremolo has been rendered inoperable at both the console and at the tremolo unit itself.

The large regulator is not leaking any appreciable wind, but the leather is old and dry, and
should probably be replaced.

Sources: Eugene M. Nye compilation; James R. Stettner, extant organ

Mr. Olive Lutheran Church (MS)
2327 17th Avenue
Forest Grove, OR.  97116                     Documented: October 31, 1990
(503) 357-2511                               Verified & Updated: December, 1995

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