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Trinity Episcopal Church
Buffalo, New York.

Original document from Scot Huntington. Stoplist from console, July 2019


Buffalo, NY
Trinity Episcopal Church

Organ by Schlicker Organ Co. 1951

Entire organ enclosed in one Swell box.

GREAT                              POSITIVE                   PEDAL
8' Lieblich Gedeckt                8' Quintade                16' Subbass                
8' Salicional                      4' Rohrfloete               8' Principal
4' Octave                          2' Principal                4' Octave
2' Gemshorn                        1 1/3' Larigot              1' Nachthorn
III Mixture                        II  Sesquialtera           16' Contra Fagott
8'  Schalmey                       III Cymbel                  2' Cornet
    Tremulant                          Tremulant                  Tremulant
    Positive to Great                  Chimes                     Great to Pedal
                                                                  Positive to Pedal

Pistons:  Great 1-3;  Positive 1-3;  Pedal 1-3 (toe)
Generals: 1-5 (toe)


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