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First Lutheran Church
Wolf Point, Montana.

Typed stoplist from James R. Stettner Stoplist copied from the console in June, 1994


Wolf Point, Montana
First Lutheran Church

M.P. MÖLLER, Opus 7597, 1948 - "Original Specifications"
Unknown Person or Firm, 1957 - “Moving & Re-installation”
Unknown Person or Firm, 1976 - “Moving & Re-installation”

GREAT (Expressive)            SWELL (Expressive)            PEDAL (Expressive)
   8     Diapason                16    Bourdon                 16    Bourdon
   8     Gedeckt                 8     Gedeckt                 8     Diapason
   8     Viole Dolce             8     Viole Dolce             8     Flute
   4     Octave                  4     Flute                   4     Octave
   4     Flute                   4     Fugara                  4     Flute
   4     Fugara                  2-2/3 Flute Twelfth
   2-2/3 Viole Twelfth           2     Flautino
   2     Viole Fifteenth         8     Trumpet
   8     Trumpet                       blank
         Chimes                  4     Clarion

   16    Bourdon                (Sw/Ped)  12     Extension of the 8' Gedeckt. Tenor
                                                    C on the Swell.
   8     Diapason               (Gt/Ped)  61
   8     Gedeckt                 (Gt/Sw)  61
   8     Flute                     (Ped)  --     Same as the 8' Gedeckt.
   8     Viole Dolce             (Gt/Sw)  61
   4     Octave                 (Gt/Ped)  12     Extension of the 8' Diapason.
   4     Flute               (Gt/Sw/Ped)  12     Extension of the 8' Gedeckt.
   4     Fugara                  (Gt/Sw)  12     Extension of the 8' Viole Dolce.
   2-2/3 Flute Twelfth              (Sw)   7     Extension of the 8' Gedeckt. Top
                                                    2 pipes break back.
   2-2/3 Viole Twelfth              (Gt)   7     Extension of the 8' Viole Dolce.
                                                    Top 2 pipes break back.
   2     Flautino                   (Sw)   5     Extension of the 8' Gedeckt. All 5
                                                    pipes (top 7 notes) break back.
   2     Viole Fifteenth            (Gt)   5     Extension of the 8' Viole Dolce. All
                                                    5 pipes (top 7 notes) break back.
   8     Trumpet                 (Gt/Sw)  61
   4     Clarion                    (Sw)  12     Extension of the 8' Trumpet.
         Tremolo                    (Sw)  --     Affects the entire instrument.
         Chimes                     (Gt)  --     Console preparation.


Diapason                Gedeckt                 Viole Dolce             Trumpet 
73 pipes                97 pipes                85 pipes                73 pipes

COUPLERS                                     FOOT LEVERS
   Swell to Pedal                  [8]          Gr. to Ped. Reversible        (rev)
   Great to Pedal                  [8]
   Swell to Great                  [8]       PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                                Expression                   (bal.)
                                                Crescendo                    (bal.)

   Full Organ                    1 - 4

ACTION: E-P unit        VOICES: 4        STOPS: 23        RANKS: 4        PIPES: 328

The organ was originally installed in the church's 1927 edifice and was moved once within
that building. The chamber had a wooden grille front containing a display of 5 gold-painted
dummy facade pipes.

When the present facility was built, the organ was moved and installed in what is now the
parish hall. It was placed in a free-standing chamber on the left side with the original
grille for the tone opening. The console sat beside the chamber.

When the present sanctuary was completed in 1976, the organ was moved once more to its final
location in a chamber at the front of the sanctuary. The original grille with dummy pipes was
not retained this time. A second tone opening with expression shutters was installed at the
left side of the sanctuary where the console was placed so that the organist would also be
able to directly hear the volume level. No tonal or mechanical changes were made other than
the added shutters.

In June 1994, Meadway & Stettner Pipe Organs of Monroe, Washington releathered all of the
console pneumatics as well as the original 1947 shutter engines and primary.

Sources: M.P. Möller Opus List; Church history; JRS; Extant, relocated organ

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