The OHS Pipe Organ Database

St. Lawrence Parish
Saint Elizabeth, Missouri.

Original document from Fr. Jeremy A. Secrist. Stoplist from keydesk


St. Lawrence Catholic Church
St. Elizabeth, MO
ca. 1910 George Kilgen & Son
2 manual, mechanical action, 11 ranks

Great (61 notes)
8’	Open Diapason
8’	Dulciana
8’ 	Melodia
4’ 	Octave
2’ 	Fifteenth

Swell (61 notes)
8’ 	Violin Diapason 
8’	Salicional
8’	Stopped Diapason
4’	Flute Harmonic
4’ 	Violin
Mechanical action Swell pedal
Pedal (30 notes, concave, parallel)
16’	Bourdon

Swell to Great
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal 
Two fixed single-acting combination pedals effecting Great only: “Piano” & “Forte”
Bellows signal (non-functioning)

A 432 at 75? F
Wind pressure: 2.8” 

Evidence of rebuild / tonal revisions per removal of feeder bellows, replaced pipework & writing on Swell: “May 7, 1929  F.J.B.”

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