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St. Paul's Episcopal
Brookline, Massachusetts.

Original document from Scot Huntington. Stoplist from console


Brookline, Massachusetts
St. Paul's Episcopal
Organ by Bozeman-Gibson, 1983

Compasses: 56/30

GREAT  (chest upper level)
16' Principal  (facade, zinc and tin)
16' Bourdon    (wood)
8'  Octave     (Hook)
8'  Chimney Flute 
8'  Viola      (Hook)
4'  Octave     (Hook)
4'  Spire Flute
2 2/3' Nazard
2'  Piccolo
1 3'5' Tierce
IV  Mixture
8'  Trumpet
4'  Clarion

SWELL    (enclosed, chest at impost level)
8' Violin Diapason  (tin, recycled)
8' Stopped Diapason (wood)
8' Celeste          (t.c. recycled, Hook?)
4' Principal
4' Spindle Flute
2' Octave
1 1/3' Larigot
II  Sesquialtera    (2 2/3 + 1 3/5)
III Sharp
16' Bassoon         (recycled)
8'  Shawm
PEDAL  (on Great chest, 2 independent stops, Trombone behind main case)
16' Principal   (Gr)
16' Bourdon     (Gr)
8'  Octave      (Gr)
8'  Flute       (Gr)
4'  Choral Bass (recycled)
16' Trombone    (Estey wood resonators)
8'  Trumpet     (Gr)

Swell to Great
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

General Tremulant
Temperament: Kirnberger III
Single wedge reservoir in basement
Ebony naturals, bone-capped sharps
"Action suspendu" keyaction; mechanical stop action

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