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Methodist Church
Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

Typed stoplist from James R. Stettner Andover Organ Co. files and stoplist copied from the console in June 1988


Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Methodist Church

HOOK & HASTINGS CO., Opus 1838, 1899 - Original Specifications

GREAT                                        COUPLERS (Drawknob)
   8   Open Diapason                61          Swell to Pedal
   8   Dulciana               (tc)  49          Great to Pedal
   8   Melodia                (tc)  49
   8   Stop'd Dia. Bass             12          Sw. to Gr. Unison
   4   Octave                       61          Sw. to Gr. at Octaves

                                                Pedal Quint  [20 notes]
SWELL (Expressive)
   8   Viola                  (tc)  49
   8   Stop'd Diapason        (tc)  49       FOOT TRUNDLES (Unlabeled)
   8   Unison Bass                  12          Gr. to Ped.                   (rev)
   4   Flute Harmonique             61
   8   Oboe                   (tc)  49
       Tremolo                               PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                                Swell Expression             (bal.)

   16  Sub Bass                     27

ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop      VOICES: 9      STOPS: 11      RANKS: 9      PIPES: 479


Sources: H&H opus list; Andover Organ Co. files; JRS; extant, altered organ

Methodist Church
246 Main St.
Wellfleet, MA. 02667
(508) 349-7217                               Documented: June, 1988

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