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Divine Peace Lutheran Church
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Typed stoplist from the OHS Database Stoplist provided for another Database entry by John J. Miller


Divine Peace Lutheran Church
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Klaus Becker, 1971
John J. Miller Mechanical Organ and Clock Works, LLC, 2019 - Moving & Reinstallation
2 manuals. 3 divisions. 10 stops. 13 ranks. 676 pipes.
56-note manuals. 30-note pedals.
Mechanical key action. Mechanical stop action.

HAUPTWERK                                    COUPLERS (hitch-down)
   8'     Rohrflöte                 56          I/Ped
   4'     Prinzipal                 56          II/Ped
   2'     Gemshorn                  56
   IV     Mixtur  (1 1/3')         224          II/I

   8'     Gedackt                   56       ACCESSORIES
   4'     Koppelflöte               56          Tremolant
   2'     Prinzipal                 56
   1 1/3' Quinte                    56

   16'    Subbaß                    30
   4'     Choralbaß                 30

ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop     VOICES: 10     STOPS: 10     RANKS: 13     PIPES: 676

Originally built for the Christian Science Society in Ripon, Wisconsin.
2009 moved by Nolte Organ Building to St. Andrew Lutheran in Milwaukee.
2019, refurbished and installed here without tonal changes.

Sources: OHS Database with photos; John J. Miller, organ builder

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