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Residence: Gary Rutherford
Poulsbo, Washington.

Typed Stoplist from Gary Rutherford Stoplist copied from the console October 27, 2019


Poulsbo, Washington
Residence: Gary Rutherford

WICKS, Opus 5829, 1982 - Original Specifications

MANUAL I                         MANUAL II                        PEDAL
   8     Copula                     8     Gemshorn                      blank
   4     Gemshorn                   4     Koppel Flöte               8  Gedeckt
   2     Block Flöte                1-1/3 Spitz Quint                4  Flöte
                                                                     2  Choral Bass

         blank               (Ped)  --  Prepared for a 16' extension of the 8' Copula.     
   8     Copula                (I)  61
   8     Gedeckt             (Ped)  --  Same as the 8' Copula.
   8     Gemshorn             (II)  --  From the 4' Gemshorn. 1-12 from the 8' Copula.
   4     Koppel Flöte         (II)  12  Extension of the 8' Copula.
   4     Flöte               (Ped)  --  Same as the 4' Koppel Flöte.
   4     Gemshorn              (I)  61
   2     Choral Bass         (Ped)  --  From the 4' Gemshorn.
   2     Block Flöte           (I)  12  Extension of the 8' Copula.
   1-1/3 Spitz Quint          (II)  12  Extension of the 4' Gemshorn. Top 7 notes rpt.

   Copula..........85 pipes
   Gemshorn........73 pipes

ACTION: D-E ™         VOICES: 2         STOPS: 9         RANKS: 2         PIPES: 158

This organ was originally built for and installed in the Phoenix, Arizona residence
of James and Berneil Drake. When they retired, the organ was consigned to a furniture
store in Phoenix. Gary Rasmussen made an offer which was accepted. The organ was im-
mediately packed and loaded onto a truck headed for the Rasmussen residence in Poulsbo,
Washington where it was installed by Mr. Rasmussen without any changes. 

The organ is free-standing at the front of the room with the keydesk projecting from
the front of the windchest skirt. The pipes are displayed in diatonically divided halves.
Stops take the form of drawknobs in a single row over the top manual.

The flute unit is composed as follows: 1-12 stopped wood; 13-20 capped metal; 21-49
Koppel Flöte; and 50-85 cylindrical open metal trebles.

Sources: Wicks opus list; extant organ

Residence: Gary Rutherford
1460 NW Hermit Ridge Ln.
Poulsbo,  WA. 98370                          Documented: October 27, 2019

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