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First M.E. Church / First United Presbyterian Church
Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Typed stoplist from James R. Stettner Stoplist copied from Andover Organ Co. files and later verified against photos of the drawknobs


Lawrence, Massachusetts
First M.E. Church / First United Presbyterian Church

E. & G.G. HOOK, Opus 476, 1869 - Original Specifications

GREAT                                        COUPLERS (Drawknob)
   16 ft. Bourdon             (tc)  46          Swell to Pedal
   8 ft.  Open Diapᶯ                58          Great to Pedal
   8 ft.  Gamba               (tc)  46
   8 ft.  Melodia             (tc)  46          Swell to Great
   8 ft.  Stᵈ Diapᶯ Bass            12
   4 ft.  Octave                    58
   2 ft.  Fifteenth                 58       FOOT TRUNDLES (L - R)
   2 Rank Mixture                  116          Swell Forte -

                                                Swell Piano -
SWELL (Expressive)
   Sw. 8 ft. Keraulophon      (tc)  46          Great Piano -
   Sw. 8 ft. Stᵈ Diapᵑ Treble (tc)  46
   Sw. 8 ft. Stᵈ Diapᵑ Bass         12          Great Forte -
   Sw. 4 ft. Flute Harmonique       58
   Sw. 4 ft. Violina                58
   Sw. 8 ft. Oboe             (tc)  46       PEDAL MOVEMENTS
   Sw. 8 ft. Bassoon                12          Swell Expression              (h-d)
   Sw.       Tremulant

   Ped. 16 ft. Sub Bass             27
   Ped. 8 ft.  Flote                27

   Bellows Signal

ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop     VOICES: 14     STOPS: 17     RANKS: 15     PIPES: 772

The building in which this organ was originally installed was First Methodist Episcopal
Church – also known as Haverhill Street Methodist Church. The organ was originally in-
stalled in the rear gallery. It was relocated to the front ca. 1880. The building was
sold to the Presbyterian congregation in 1912.

The organ is free-standing and encased with an attached, projecting keydesk having a
lid which lifts to form a music rack. Stops are as drawknobs in terraced jambs on either
side of the keydesk. The façade of ornately stenciled pipes contains 33 pipes arranged:
5-9-5-9-5. The swellbox is visible above the central facade and is architectural,
decorated, and intended to be seen.

Reportedly, in 1912 the Pedal was converted to a tubular pneumatic action by an un-
identified individual or firm. However, Robert J. Reich of the Andover Organ Co. and
also former organist of this church reports the Pedal action conversion date as ca.
1922. At some point (1912? 1922?) the hitch-down Swell shade action was converted to
a balanced Swell-shoe action, with vertical, rather than horizontal shutters. At that
time as well, fixed combination pedals were added.

In the 1960's, the Andover Organ Co. made tonal renovations. At that time, a 2' re-
placed the Violina, and a Chimney Flute replaced the Keraulophon in the Swell. Also
a "Flute d'Amour" was added to the Great, placed where the Bourdon 16' had been, and
the Bourdon was put on a jump slide and tubed off the chest.

The building was later sold to the Iglesia de Dios Pentacostal – aka Ebeneezer Spanish
Evangelical. The organ was unused and ultimately made available for purchase.

It was restored for Saint John's Episcopal Cathedral in Denver, Colorado by Susan
Tattershall and installed there in the summer of 2009  as a temporary organ while 
their Kimball was under-going restoration. The Hook was installed at the back of
the sanctuary of the right side of the center aisle (when facing rear). When the
Kimball returned home, the organ was sold.

It was relocated to and installed in Holy Comforter Episcopal Church in Broomfield,
Colorado by Jim Steinborn in 2016.

Sources: Hook opus list; Andover Organ Co. files; Robert J. Reich; OHS Database;
                         extant, restored organ.

First Methodist Episcopal Church
(aka, Haverhill Street Methodist Church)
(later, First United Presbyterian Church)
Haverhill Street
Lawrence, Massachusetts

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