The OHS Pipe Organ Database

St. Louis R. C.
Nokomis, Illinois.

Original document from Bill. Stoplist taken from the console


Nokomis, IL
St. Louis R. C.

Organ by Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc.   2/14

GREAT                        SWELL                       PEDAL
Bourdon (TC)  16             Stopped Diapason  8         Bourdon 16
Open Diapason  8             Aeoline           8         Cello    8
Melodia        8             Viola             8         
Dulciana       8             Flute Harmonique  4
Octave         4             Violina           4
Octave Quint   2 2/3         Tremelo
Super Octave   2       

3 unison couplers

Tremelo affects entire instrument

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