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Luther Memorial Lutheran Church
Madison, Wisconsin.

Stoplist provided by Stephen Schnurr 1999 for Stopt Diapason


Specification of 1893 J. W. Steere & Sons opus 356:

GREAT (Manual I-Enclosed with Swell)
16 Bourdon Treble (from tenor F-sharp, wood-40 pipes)*
16 Bourdon Bass (wood-18 pipes)*
8 Open Diapason (lowest 16 in facade, metal-58 pipes)*
8 Melodia Stop'd. Bass (wood-58 pipes)
8 Dulciana (metal-58 pipes)
4 Octave (metal-58 pipes)
4 Flute d'Amour (wood and metal-58 pipes)
2 Twelfth (metal-58 pipes)
2 Fifteenth (metal-58 pipes)
8 Clarinet (from tenor C, metal-46 pipes)
*  unenclosed

SWELL (Manual II-Enclosed)
8 Open Diapason (metal-58 pipes)
8 Stop'd. Diapason (wood-58 pipes)
8 Salicional (metal-58 pipes)
8 AEoline (metal-58 pipes)
4 Violina (metal-58 pipes)
4 Flute Harmonique (wood and metal-58 pipes)
2 Flautino (metal-58 pipes)
8 Oboe (from tenor C, metal-46 pipes)
8 Bassoon (bottom octave, metal-12 pipes)

16 Bourdon (wood-27 pipes)
8 Violoncello (metal-27 pipes)

Great to Pedale
Swell to Pedale
Swell to Great

Piano Great (double-acting, not labeled)
Forte Great (double-acting, not labeled)
Great to Pedal Reversible
Balanced Swell Expression Shoe

[Received from Andrew Schaeffer January 12, 2020]

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