The OHS Pipe Organ Database

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Atlanta, GA
First Presbyterian Church
Winship Chapel

Organ by H. Klop  2005

Manual I (lower)
Quintadeen      [8']
Fluit Does      [8']
Roerfluit        4
Nasard          [2-2/3']
Fluit            2
Terts           [1-3/5']
Man I + II

Manual II (upper)
Holtpijp        [8']
Praestant       [8']
Octaaf           4
Quint           [2-2/3']
Octaaf           2
Regaal          [8']
Man II + Man I

Subbas          [16']
Bourdon         [8']
Schalmei        [4']
Ped + I
Ped + II