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First Baptist Church
Galesburg, IL
Farrand & Votey opus 735

Great (enclosed except 8' Open)

 8 Open diapason
 8 Doppel Flute
 8 Viol Da Gamba
 8 Dulciana
 4 Octave
 2 Super Octave
 8 Trumpet


16 Bourdon
 8 Violin Diapason
 8 Stopped Flute
 8 Salicional
 8 Voix Celeste
 4 Harmonic Flute
 4 Gemshorn
 2 Flageolet
III Cornet
 8 Oboe


16 Bourdon
16 Lieblich Gedeckt
 8 Violon Cello

 [Received from Jim Stark 2016-04-12.]