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Baltimore, Maryland
Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church (Jenkins Memorial)

J. H. & C. S. Odell   Opus 277   1889
(stoplist xxxx Web site 1997)

2 manuals, 24 ranks, mechanical key action and pneumatic stop action, compass: 58/27

         GREAT ORGAN (58 notes)
     16' Double Open Diapason
      8' Open Diapason
      8' Gamba
      8' Doppel Flote
      4' Harmonic Flute
      4' Octave
  2 2/3' Twelfth
      2' Fifteenth
         Mixture III
      8' Trumpet
         SWELL ORGAN (58 notes)
     16' Bourdon
      8' Open Diapason
      8' Salicional
      8' Vox Celeste
      8' Stopped Diapason
      4' Wald Flute
      4' Violina
      2' Flautina
         Cornet III
      8' Oboe (TC)
      8' Bassoon

         PEDAL ORGAN (27 notes)
     16' Double Open Diapason
     16' Bourdon
      8' Violoncello

The Great Division utilizes double drawstop pneumatics to draw the stop sliders, allowing the ingenious use of programmable mechanichal combination pistons, as well as a piston for reversible Swell to Great Coupler. All features well ahead of their time in 1889.