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First Baptist Church, Hallowell, Maine
c. 1890 S. S. Hamill
(Stoplist: Schnute 1997; OH 1963:25)

8' Open Diapason 
8' Dulciana
8' Melodia
4' Principal
4' Flute
II Mixture (122 pipes)
8' Trumpet [TC]

8' Viola Diapason [TC]
8' Dolcissimo [TC]
8' Stopped Diapason [TC]
8' Stopped Diapason Bass (12 pipes)
4' Violina
4' Flute Harmonic
8' Oboe [TC]

16' Sub Bass (27 open wood pipes)

Swell ot Pedal
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Octave Coupler (G-G 4')

Pedal Check
Bellows Signal
Balanced swell pedal
2 Gt. combination pedals
Gt. to Ped. reversible pedal

Mixture 19-22 to MC; 12-15 to top.

One of Hammill's "Giant Pipe Organs" which he advertised in 1878 as "A Special Class of Pipe Organs possessing Great Power of Tone, at very low price."