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Sacred Heart of Jesus R. C., Shelby, Bethlehem, OH
1879 W. H. Clarke & Co. 
(Stoplist: 1981 dedication program)

Great 61 Notes 
Open Diapason,  8'  (61 spotted metal, slotted 17 zinc basses in case)
Dulciana TC 8' (49, spotted, slotted)
St. Dia. Bass  8' (12 stopped wood)
Melodia TC  8' (49 open wood to top)
Octave 4' (61 spotted, coned 5 zinc basses
Octave Quint* 2-2/3' (61 cormnon metal, coned)
Super Octave*  2'  (61 common metal, coned)

Swell, 61 notes 
Bourdon TC 16' (49 stopped wood, arched mouths)
Salicional TC  8' (49 spotted, slotted)
Gedeckt TC  8' (49  stopped wood, arched mouths, 12 metal trebles
Unison Bass 8' (12 stopped wood)
Flute Octaviante 4' (61 spotted, coned, arched mouths, 5 zinc basses)
Flageolet 2'  (61 spotted, coned, conical arched mouths)  

61 Pedal, 27 Notes
Sub Bass 16' (27 stopped wood)

Sw. to Ped. 
Gt. to Ped. 
Manual Coupler

Bellows Signal 
Pedal Check

Pedal movements:
1.  Forte 
2.  Piano 
3.  Gt. to Ped. reversible

(all pipes enclosed in single swell box except Open Diapason and Sub Bass)

*  denotes non-original stop label.