The OHS Pipe Organ Database

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St. Catharines, ON
St. Catherine Alexandria RC Church

Organ by The D. W. Karn Co., Ltd.

Great Organ 

16    Double Open Diapason (TC, 49 pipes)
8     Open Diapason
8     Doppel Flute (wood)
8     Dulciana 
4     Principal
4     Wald Flute (wood)
2     Fifteenth
8     Trumpet (harmonic trebles)

Swell Organ 

8     Open Diapason
8     Stopped Diapason (wood)
8     Viol di Gamba 
8     Aeoline 
8     Voix Celeste (TC, 49 pipes)
4     Flauto Traverso (wood)
4     Octave
2     Flautino
8     Cornopean (harmonic trebles)
8     Orchestral Oboe

Choir Organ 

8     Melodia (wood)
8     Gemshorn
4     Harmonic Flute
2     Piccolo
8     Clarionet 

Pedal Organ (30 notes)

16    Open Diapason (wood)
16    Bourdon (wood)


Swell to Great unison, sub octave, super octave
Choir to Great unison, sub octave, super octave
Swell to Choir unison, sub octave, super octave
Swell at octaves on itself
Great at octaves on itself
Choir at octaves on itself
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Choir to Pedal

3 Combinations to Great Organ
3 Combinations to Swell Organ

Pedals ("including unison and pedal couplers")

Full Organ
Balanced Swell
Motor Starter