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Milwaukie, Oregon
St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church

RICHARD L. BOND, Opus 5, 1982 - Original Specifications

GREAT                                        COUPLERS (hitch-down)
   8'  Rohrflöte                    56          Brustwerk to Pedal
   4'  Principal   [façade]         56          Great to Pedal
   2'  Waldflöte                    56
   III Mixture     [19-22-26]      168          Brustwerk to Great
   8'  Trumpet                      56

                                             FOOT LEVERS (Labeled; l - r)
BRUSTWERK                                       I - P
   8'  Gedackt                      56          II - P
   4'  Rohrflöte                    56          II - I
   2'  Principal                    56
   II  Sesquialtera   [12-17] (tc)  88

                                             ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop
   16' Sub Bass     [façade]        32       VOICES: 11         STOPS: 12
   4'  Choral Bass                  32
   8'  Trumpet                (Gt)  --       RANKS: 14          PIPES: 712

The Great 4' Principal in en façade for 23 notes from bass CC thru tenor A#. The Pedal
16' Sub Bass also has six pipes in the façade. CCC, DDD, and EEE are at the bass end
of the case; while CCC#, DDD#, and FFF are at the treble end. The 8' Trumpet drawknob
has two positions. When drawn to the first position, it is available to the Pedal divi-
sion. When drawn to the second position, it is available to both the Great and Pedal

Sources: Bond opus list; JRS; extant organ

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2015-05-21.]