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Immaculate Conception (St. Mary's) R. C. Cathedral, Portland, OR
1904 Los Angeles Art/1995 Bond

        GREAT (II)
        16' Double Open Diapason (part facade)
         8' Open Diapason (part facade)
         8' Open Diapason (added 1906 by Schoenstein)
         8' Doppelflute
         8' Viola di Gamba
         8' Viol d'amour
         4' Octave
     2 2/3' Octave Quinte
         2' Super Octave
            Mixture IV (new; with Tierce)
         8' Trumpet

        SWELL (enclosed, III)
        16' Bourdon
         8' Violin Diapason
         8' Stopped Diapason
         8' Viol d'orchestre
         8' Vox celeste (c0)
         8' Aeoline
         4' Fugara
         4' Harmonic Flute
         2' Flautino
            Cornet IV  (new; with Tierce)
         8' Oboe
         8' Vox humana
            Tremolo (affects whole organ)

        CHOIR (I, enclosed)
         8' Geigenprincipal
         8' Melodia
         8' Dulciana
         4' Flute d'amour
         4' Violina
         2' Harmonic Piccolo
         8' Clarinet

           32' Resultant (new)
        16' Open Diapason
        16' Bourdon
        16' Lieblichgedeckt (Swell)
         8' Flute Stopped
         8' Violoncello
        16' Trombone (new)

6 usual unison couplers; Swell to Great Octave, Choir to Great Sub-Octave,
Pedal Octave (couplers through-couple). Mechanical double-acting
combination pedals: 4 Sw & Ped, 3 Gt, 2 Ch; Gt/Ped reversible (all
unlabled). Balanced pedals: Crescendo, Choir, Swell (in that order, left to

Present Stoplist: 43 ranks, 37 stops. Three manuals & pedal, 61/30 compass,
EP action (Fleming chests), mechanical combinations via foot-levers,
mechanical swell mechanisms.