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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cathedral Basilica of Ss. Peter and Paul

Brantley Duddy, 1977
Additions, 1988-89, C. W. Gibson, Moorestown, NJ

Great (unenclosed)
16 Montre (in facade, bass mostly silent)
8 Principal (bass mostly silent)
8 Montre
4 Octave
2 2/3' Quint
2 Super Octave
IV Fourniture
8 Trumpet (militaire-type, from TC, bass removed)
16, UO, 4

Gallery Swell (enclosed, but shades do not function)
4 Octave
2 Principal
III Carillon
(these three functioning stops are on a separate chest from the main Swell chest, 
to which the wind line has been cut)
16, UO, 4

Chancel Swell (enclosed, but shades do not function)
8 Rohrflöte
8 Viol
8 Viol Celeste
4 Octave
4 Flute Traversiere
8 Trompette
8 Vox Humana
16, UO, 4

Choir (enclosed)
16 Quintaten (bass mostly silent)
8 Geigen
8 Holz Gedackt
8 Dulciana
8 Unda Maris
4 Prestant
4 Flute Ouverte
2 Blockflöte
1 1/3 Larigot
8 Clarinet
4 Rohr Schalmei
16, UO, 4

Solo (enclosed)

8 Solo Flute
8 Cello
4 Doppel Flute (replaced with an open flute of unknown origin)
IV Tierce Mixture 
16 Ophicleide
8 Trompette Harmonique
4 Clarion Harmonique
(these last three are the old Austin Tuba unit, playing on lower wind than their original 15")
8 Trompette en Chamade (unenclosed, 15")
16, UO, 4

Positiv (unenclosed, floating)

8 Nason Flute
4 Koppelflöte
2 2/3 Nasat
2 Lieblich Principal
1 3/5 Terz
1 Gemshorn
III Zimbel


32 Contre Basse (electronic)
32 Contra Bourdon (electronic)
32 Harmonics of 32, IV 
16 Contrebasse
16 Montre (Gt, bass mostly silent)
16 Bourdon (a few notes play)
8 Montre (Gt)
32 Bombarde (electronic)
32 Fagotto (electronic)
16 Ophicleide (Solo)
8 Trompette Harmonique (Solo)
4 Clarion (Solo)

Usual Austin couplers, including Choir to Pedal 5 1/3' and Pedal to Solo. 
These are the stops which presently function; the remainder cannot play without major repairs.
A complete stoplist can be found as a PDF from Paul Marchesano, in the description section of this page.

 [Received from Philip Fillion 2016-04-04.]